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Biskupiec Commune. He was stung by bees, he was lying in a ditch. He was helped by the policemen who were passing by

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In the right place and time, policemen from the convoy department found themselves in the commune of Biskupiec (Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship) and noticed a truck driver lying in a ditch. It turned out that he was stung by bees, to which he is allergic. The man was hospitalized.

Police officers from Olsztyn, who were escorting prisoners in the commune of Biskupiec, noticed a truck immobilized by the road. Right next to her, in a roadside ditch, they saw a man lying.

The officers rushed to help. It turned out that the suffering man was stung by bees, to which he is allergic.

Police help a man stung by bees Warmian-Masurian Police

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The man’s condition was deteriorating rapidly

“The officers provided the victim with first aid and monitored his vital functions, at the same time they also notified the ambulance service. The man’s condition was rapidly deteriorating, and the policemen knew that every minute counts” – we read in a message on the Warmian-Masurian police website.

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Another driver was also helpful, who arrived at the scene and, at the request of officers, transported the victim to the hospital.

On the way, he was taken over by the medical rescue team

“The police officers followed him in the police car, and after a short while they saw how the man was taken over by the medical rescue team on the route to the medical facility” – it was written.

Fortunately, the man received medical attention in time.

Main photo source: Warmian-Masurian Police

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