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Biskupiec. They were driving against the flow because someone had moved the barriers. There could have been a collision. Recording

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A serious accident may have occurred on national road number 16 near Biskupiec (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship). At night someone hit the plastic barriers. These moved in such a way that they confused drivers who had been entering the route against traffic since the morning.

– That way! Over there! Stop! On the left! Now wait! – this is what photographer Marcin Brzeziński shouted to one of the drivers on national road number 16.

He was driving along the Mrągowo-Olsztyn route early this morning when, near Biskupiec, he noticed that some cars were going against the flow.

They were driving against the flowMarcin Brzeziński Photography

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He decided to direct the traffic

– This is the end of a section of the road under construction connecting to the dual carriageway. At night, someone had to drive into the red and white plastic barriers that showed the direction of travel. After the impact, the barriers were moved, blocking the right lane of the dual carriageway. As a result, cars were driving against the flow, and it was a foggy morning, says Brzeziński.

He says he stopped and started directing traffic.

– I also called the police. There could have been such a disaster that it was unimaginable, he says.

road, against the flow

Someone must have hit the railings at night

The video he sent us also shows that a truck also drove against traffic.

– We appeal to anyone who sees such a situation or hits the barriers themselves to inform the services. In this case, someone hit them and apparently drove away – says Katarzyna Kozłowska, spokeswoman for the Olsztyn branch GDDKiA.

He adds that immediately after road workers received the report, the markings were repaired.

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There was also a truck there Marcin Brzeziński Photography

Main photo source: Marcin Brzeziński Photography

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