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Monday, November 29, 2021

Black Friday 2021. When is Black Friday? Deadline

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Black Friday is getting closer. It’s a shopping spree on the first Friday after the US Thanksgiving. This year Black Friday falls on November 26.

Black Friday 2021 – deadline

Black Friday, or Black Friday, is the annual US Consumption Celebration where retailers offer discounts and promotions. It falls on the last Friday of November, just after Thanksgiving. Black Friday in North America is considered the day of the year’s biggest sales and price reductions, and is also associated with the start of pre-holiday shopping.

And although Black Friday is of American origin, in Poland it also has a growing number of supporters.

This year Black Friday falls on November 26. Occasionally, you can buy almost anything – electronics, household appliances, clothes, cosmetics, furniture and books.

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Black Friday 2021 – what reductions

According to a recent study by the payment operator Tpay, 90 percent. of respondents planning a sales campaign on the occasion of Black Friday, wants to lower prices. A much smaller group will offer free delivery, free additional products or services, or provide customers with discount codes. None of the respondents plans to extend the time for returning or replacing the goods.

The survey shows that there is no distinction in terms of the amount of bargains by type of customer. For both new and permanent customers, all sellers plan the same promotions. Most stores declare that they will be in the order of up to 30 percent. Such a level of reductions was indicated by 40 percent of the respondents. 10 percent of the surveyed sellers are not planning a price reduction at all.

Every year, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection warns consumers not to get carried away. For example, the big numbers “-70 percent” are tempting at the exhibition, but only a few items are offered such a discount. You should check how much the item has cost before. In addition, the Office previously indicated that in the event that the cashier demands a higher price than indicated on the label or shelf, we have the right to buy the item at a lower price.

Also note that we have the same rights on sales as usual. It does not matter that the goods have been discounted, unless the reason for the reduction was a specific defect and we have been informed about it.


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