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Blackberry. Golden algae in a reservoir connected to the Oder, the crisis team recommends what to do

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The presence of a golden alga was discovered in the Czernica reservoir (Lower Silesian Voivodeship). The Crisis Management Team of the Ministry of Climate and Environment recommended cutting it off from the Oder River.

The former gravel pit is a branch of the Oder River. For now, a net has been set up at the place where they connect, which is to prevent the fish from entering the contaminated water. Now, however, it has been recommended to completely shut off with an earthen embankment.

Situation on the Oder

According to the entry of the Ministry of Climate and Environment on Twitter, on Tuesday another meeting of the Crisis Management Team of the Ministry of Culture and Environment was held with the participation of the head of the ministry Anna of Moscow and Deputy Minister of State Assets, Marek Wesoły.

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Czernica reservoirTVN24

“The situation on the Pszczynka and Odra rivers and the management of discharges were discussed. Due to the golden alga still present in oxbow lakes, the team recommended separating the Czernica Reservoir from the Oder River” – reported the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

The Czernica reservoir is located in the Wrocław poviat, in the Czernica commune; it is directly connected to the main riverbed of the Oder River. In April this year About 100 kilograms of dead fish were fished out of the reservoir. Dead fish were also caught from this reservoir last year, during the ecological disaster on the Oder River

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