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Blackbird. Murder of a Polish woman, Anastasia is dead. 32-year-old man from Bangladesh charged with murder, results of forensic examination

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Greek investigators have decided to charge a 32-year-old man with the murder of a Polish woman on the Greek island of Kos, according to Greek media. According to them, this was possible thanks to the results of forensic examinations, i.e. the analysis of fingerprints, DNA traces and data from a mobile phone. Dimitris Galenteris, a Greek forensic physician, said more people could have been involved in the crime. Greek police spokeswoman Constantia Dimoglidou said that the main suspect’s roommate helped the investigators a lot in the case.

The decision to charge the 32-year-old Bangladeshi with manslaughter was based on the results of a forensic investigation submitted to law enforcement. The course of the investigation so far indicates that the perpetrator murdered Anastasia and then tried to bury her body in a swampy area, writes the Athens Voice portal.

On Wednesday, tvn24.pl reported information on the allegation of the murder of a Polish woman for a Bangladeshi attorney of the family of the murdered Polish woman, lawyer Jarosław Kowalewskiwho referred to the information provided to him by the second representative of the family, who is in Greece.

A 27-year-old Polish woman has disappeared in Greece. Her body was found on SundayFacebook/Anastazja Rubinska

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On Thursday, Greek forensic doctor Dimitris Galenteris assessed that more people could have been involved in the crime. “The murder itself could have been committed by one person, but hiding the body and (preparing) the bag (in which the dead woman was found – ed.) required the help of (third parties)” – assessed Reader, quoted by the Greek portal.

He deleted photos and conversation records from the Polish woman’s phone

New evidence against the man comes to light. Police sources, cited by the Proto Thema daily portal on Thursday, said the 32-year-old had deleted data, including photos and call records, from the woman’s phone, knowing that her cell phone would be one of the first things he would look for. Police.

According to the police who examined the woman’s cell phone, various data that could lead to the killer’s accomplices were deleted from her phone on the night of the murder. The cell phone was found in an abandoned building, separate from the victim’s body, which had been dumped elsewhere. Authorities said the SIM card had been removed from the phone.

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Although the data from the cell could help in the investigation, the identity of the killer will be revealed as a result of laboratory tests, as DNA was found on the nails of the Polish woman, which most likely belongs to her abuser, police said.

The roommate changed his testimony

According to media reports, the Pakistani roommate of the 32-year-old Bangladeshi man changed his testimony.

Initially, the roommate claimed that when he returned home at 10:10 p.m. on Monday, June 12, he had not met either his roommate or Anastasia. However, a CCTV camera registered that they entered the house at 8.38 pm, the Greek portal Proto Thema pointed out.

The investigation into the murder of a 27-year-old Polish woman on the island of Kos is underwayENEX

According to information provided by the Greek portal, the roommate testified that when he returned home on Monday, he found his roommate and girlfriend there drinking beer. Then, around 11 p.m., he heard them leave on a motorbike.

Initially, he claimed that his roommate was supposed to come home on Tuesday morning, dirty and with muddy shoes. According to the media, the interrogated roommate on Wednesday did not mention whether he met him after his return, but only that twice – around 1 and then 2 am – he woke up and he was not there yet.

The police did not rule out that the man initially tried to provide an alibi for his roommate in fear.

Greek police spokeswoman Constantia Dimoglidou told MEGA TV that the Pakistani man who lives with the main suspect helped a lot in the investigation.

Recording and excluded hypothesis

The Greek public radio and television broadcaster ERT reports that the police have a recording confirming the testimony of the roommate of a 32-year-old Bangladeshi man. The video material proves that the Polish woman left the house with a 32-year-old man suspected of murder.

As it was emphasized, this is a step forward in the investigation into the death of the Polish woman, because the recording excludes the hypothesis that the crime took place in a house inhabited by immigrants from Asia. Based on new reports, it can be assumed that Anastasia may have been murdered in the place where her body was found, we read on the ERT portal.

A Bangladeshi suspect in the murder of a Polish woman ENEX

The Bangladeshi man denied the allegations during a hearing in Kos court on Wednesday. According to media reports, he was to change his initial testimony and denied having had sexual intercourse with the victim.

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As a spokeswoman for the Greek police said on Thursday, it is still not known whether the 27-year-old Polish woman was raped. – As for the sexual assault, we don’t have a picture from the forensic report yet. We don’t yet know if she was sexually abused. The condition the girl was found in indicates that he either tried to rape her or eventually succeeded, she said.

Police are currently investigating whether the accused and the victim were staying anywhere near where the girl’s body was found. As Dimoglidou noted, today the prosecutor’s office received more materials – concerning the defendant’s and the victim’s mobile phones and the results of DNA tests, which are supposed to bring a lot to the case files.

Murder of a Polish woman on the island of Kos

Anastasia went missing on Monday, June 12 on the Greek island of Kos, where she was working in one of the hotels. On Sunday, Greek media reported that the body of a 27-year-old Polish woman had been found. The body was found around noon. 19 local time, about a kilometer from the house of the Bangladeshi man who was previously detained by the police and 500 meters from the place where the Polish woman’s mobile phone was found on Saturday.

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An autopsy of a Polish woman carried out on Monday evening on the island of Rhodes confirmed death by asphyxiation. However, doctors stressed that the body was in an advanced state of decomposition, which made examinations much more difficult.

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