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Blik: The Wildfire Polish Fintech Company – And Its Unique Role In Online Entertainment

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BLIK is a mobile payment service that Polish banks launched in 2015. It is currently the most popular method of payment in Poland.

In Poland, it’s common to use mobile banking apps, and BLIK synchs with these apps to make easy payments. About 21 million Polish people with mobile banking apps can use BLIK. 10 million people, roughly half of people with access to BLIK, regularly use it for payments. BLIK has spread like wildfire throughout Poland. Due to its popularity, the founders are considering international expansion. BLIK has already taken off in the United Arab Emirates, and they’re also looking to expand to Romania.

BLIK is available through Polish banking applications. It lets make payments online, at card readers, and it lets you get cash from ATMs. You can also use BLIK to send money to friends.

BLIK is super simple, but also convenient and secure. It’s no surprise it’s the most common way to make online payments in Poland. Since 2015, BLIK has processed over 1.5 billion payments and counting. BLIK does the bulk of its payments in the e-commerce sphere. About 70% of payments through BLIK are for e-commerce. Many online shops and online entertainment accept BLIK over other payment systems like Visa or Paypal.

What Kind Of Online Entertainment is Available in Poland?

BLIK makes online payments super easy, which creates an ideal landscape for online entertainment. With payments made easy, online entertainers in Poland have flourished. This includes websites, mobile applications, games, and online gambling. In fact, BLIK casinos have gained a bit of a cult following. About 2.8 million people worldwide gamble online in Poland.

Polish casinos are attractive to an international audience. Online casinos are fun, but there are a few snags players don’t like. Some sites require a player to make a minimum amount of bets to withdraw anything. BLIK has gained an international following among dedicated online gamblers because they smooth over the snags players don’t like. BLIK has a reputation for being the easiest way to withdraw players’ winnings. Overall, it is one of the easiest applications to use for online gambling.

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Online gamblers also appreciate the variety available in online Polish betting. Users can play cards, slots, roulette, sports betting, and much more. Some people who like to place bets on niche subjects like the outcomes of elections find fellow players in these Polish online casinos. Polish online casino games also typically offer good deals to players.  A lot of polish online casino games offer a free first play so you can try a new game before they spend real money on it.

BLIK: The Future For All Payments?

The Polish payment solution is gaining international attention. Lots of other countries are taking interest in the new payment technology. The creators already have reached out to Poland. They’re currently thinking about where to go next. The plan is to grow to handle global e-commerce, but this requires measured steps, which BLIK is making. In 2019 BLIK brokered a deal with Mastercard so users could make contactless phone payments.

BLIK has a history of being ahead of its time. It’s only a matter of time before we’re all using the Polish payment app.

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