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Blind wall balconies. Minister Buda accuses the Warsaw authorities of “path-developer”, but it was the voivode from PiS who issued the consent

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An 11-storey block of flats has been built in a Warsaw housing estate, the balconies of which almost touch the blind wall of the house next door. Minister Waldemar Buda accused the Warsaw authorities of agreeing to this “path-developer”. He was very wrong, because the decision – contrary to the city hall – was issued by the voivode from PiS.

A new block of impressive size in a Warsaw housing estate, a small segment next to it, a gap between them, and balconies built into this gap. Who allowed it? – In this case, the most important thing is that a decision on building conditions has been issued. It was she who caused the mayor of the city of Warsaw to allow the development of this plot in 40 percent – explains Waldemar Buda, Minister of Development and Technology.

Minister Buda personally visited the construction site, took photos and informed about his thoughts via Twitter. “This is greed combined with stupidity! Something like this is being built in Warsaw. Let’s control this investment and analyze the regulations in terms of changes and blocking this type of situation,” he wrote.

The deputy mayor of Warsaw, Michał Olszewski, spoke on the matter, stressing that in this case the key is to answer the question of who issued the building permit. – The mayor of the city twice refused to issue a building permit – points out Olszewski. The building permit was issued in April 2018. At that time, the Mazovian Voivode was Zdzisław Sipiera.

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What about the developer?

The effects of the ministerial calls are already there. Waldemar Buda informed that “the General Office of Building Supervision immediately started an inspection at the construction site”. – I do not want to anticipate the facts yet, but a lot of interesting information, I think that after this inspection I will be able to tell you – emphasizes the minister.

The vice-president of Warsaw – as he says – can’t wait for the results of the inspection. – I’m just wondering if the General Office of Building Supervision, which in 2019 did not find any faults on the part of the voivode, will now see them? asks Michał Olszewski.

The developer, on the other hand, is selling apartments and is very happy. “The investment is carried out in accordance with applicable regulations on the basis of design documentation with all necessary arrangements and approved with a final decision granting a building permit,” we read in the letter sent by the company.

“Here, in this one place, such an abomination has been crammed in. I don’t like this building, says Dr. Łukasz Drozda from the University of Warsaw, author of the book Holes in the Ground. – This is about decisions issued recently, but also about the lack of such strategic decisions related to spatial planning – he adds.

As it turned out, construction workers covered the gap in which the balconies can be seen with a sheet.

Main photo source: TVN facts

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