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Blinów First. He did not brake with the tractor, he hit a passenger car. He was drunk

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An overturned tractor, a wrecked car and hospitalization – these are the effects of drunk driving of a 40-year-old tractor driver who – in Blinów Pierwszy (Lublin Province) – was carrying a trailer filled with felled trees. The preliminary findings of the police show that the man, going down the hill, did not have time to brake and drove into a passenger car. He had two parts of alcohol in his body.

On Saturday, July 16, before 5 p.m., Lublin emergency services received a notification that a tractor collided with a passenger car on the road in Blinów Pierwszy, in Kraśnik poviat.

– The uniforms found an overturned farm tractor, a trailer loaded with wood and a crashed Skoda in the indicated place. An ambulance transported a 40-year-old who was driving a tractor to the hospital with injuries. Fortunately, nothing happened to the woman who drives the Skoda and her passenger – informs Kom. Anna Kamola from the press office of the Lublin police.

According to the findings of the police, the incident probably happened when the 40-year-old tractor was driving down the hill and did not brake.

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According to the findings of the police, it most likely happened when the tractor driver was going down the hill and did not brake.

A drunk tractor driver collided with a SkodaLublin Police

Police: he had two alcohol levels in his body

It turned out that the driver was drunk. According to Kamola, the study showed two per mille of alcohol in his body. He will be responsible for his behavior in court.

– In the light of the applicable regulations, penalties for driving on dual gas are imprisonment for up to two years, as well as a ban on driving for up to 15 years, a fine from five thousand zlotys to 60 thousand zlotys for the Victims’ Aid and Post-penitentiary Assistance Fund and 10 penalty points – emphasizes Kamola.

Main photo source: Lublin Police

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