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Blockade of the border with Ukraine. An appeal by the Ukrainian ambassador to Polish farmers

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Ukrainian ambassador to Poland Wasyl Zwarycz appealed to Polish farmers to stop – in his opinion – groundless and harmful blocking of the border with Ukraine. The blockade weakens both Ukraine and Poland and enriches Russia, he emphasized.

“The blockade of Ukraine in the conditions of Russian aggression only benefits Russia, which is currently enriching itself by increasing its agri-food exports to the European market,” Zwarycz wrote in an appeal sent to PAP on Monday. The ambassador emphasized that it was not the source of farmers’ problems Ukraine whether its agri-food products and activities Russiawhich “actively plays” on world stock exchanges.

“Russia is consistently trying to destabilize the global market”

“It is Russia that pursues a dumping policy and uses the food market as a hybrid weapon for the purposes of aggression against Ukraine. It is Russia that consistently tries to destabilize the global and European markets, weaken the economies of both Ukraine and European countries, and also create anti-Ukrainian sentiments to undermine Europe’s solidarity with fighting Ukraine,” Zwarycz said. He stated that Ukraine does not influence global prices of food products. “Do not be further misled and succumb to propaganda aimed at sowing seeds of hatred towards everything Ukrainian among your community. Do not allow yourself to be further used to weaken Ukraine, which is fighting our common enemy,” Zvarycz told the farmers.

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“Serious blow” to defense

In his opinion, due to the current border blockade, Ukraine has been seriously weakened and its economy has lost approximately PLN 2 billion as a result of the blockade. He added that “unjustified blocking of the border with Ukraine does not benefit Poland and Polish farmers in particular, as well as Ukraine and its defense capabilities.” “In the conditions of Russian aggression, this is a serious blow to the defense of my country, and therefore also a blow to Poland’s security,” Zwarycz emphasized.

“Poland’s trade with Ukraine is seriously hampered by the border blockade”

As the ambassador emphasized, due to the border blockade, the Polish economy is also losing. “The border blockade seriously hinders Poland’s trade with Ukraine, which in 2023 amounted to approximately EUR 13 billion, more than twice the volume of Ukrainian exports to Poland,” he noted. He added that the problems of the Polish economy related to the limitation of Polish exports to Ukraine will also negatively affect the everyday lives of Polish women and men. “I believe in your wisdom, understanding and good will to end the blockade of the border with Ukraine as soon as possible,” he emphasized.

Farmers are protesting in Poland, blocking, among others, roads, expressways, highways, and border crossings with Ukraine. Farmers oppose the inflow of Ukrainian goods and the European Union’s policy related to the so-called Green Deal.

Main photo source: PAP/Wojtek Jargiło

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