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Blockage. Plea to the man who left the dog in the car

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There was a car in front of the amusement park and a dog whimpering from it. Tourists called the services. The firemen opened the car door with a crowbar and released the animal. The owner confessed to abusing the pet.

The report was sent to policemen in Zator. The Opel Movano was parked in the amusement park’s parking lot, and passing tourists caught the attention of the sounds in the luggage compartment. After a while, the dog’s whimpering ceased.

– Due to the suspicion that the dog might be in danger, the police decided to force the vehicle open. Using a crowbar, firefighters opened the rear door of the car – reported the spokesman of the Auschwitz police, asp. pc. Małgorzata Jurecka.


Penalty for the owner

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There was a small mongrel in the heavily heated luggage compartment. – Firemen took care of the quadruped. Police officers started looking for an Opel owner. After several dozen minutes, he came to the parking lot, where he was informed about the initiation of proceedings against him under the Animal Protection Act. The man was taken to the Zator police station. Later that same day, he was charged with animal abuse. He confessed and voluntarily submitted to the punishment. He has to pay a fine of six thousand zlotys – said Jurecka.

Such an offense is punishable by up to 3 years imprisonment.

– Joanna and Tomasz from the Piaseczno poviat deserve thanks for their correct reaction. Suspecting that the animal might be in danger, they did not leave it without help – added Małgorzata Jurecka.

Main photo source: Malopolska Police

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