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Blood donation is not only a noble deed. It may also come with special benefits

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Blood is urgently needed all year round, but especially during the holidays when accidents are more common. Blood donation centers also open on weekends and send blood buses to tourist destinations. There are also incentives for donors. They are entitled to days off from work, and in Krakow – coupons to eateries.

Mrs. Maria has been afraid of blood since she was a child, but she shares hers because she once needed blood herself. “I was always afraid to come, but I had a life-saving procedure myself and had to get blood. Then, when everything was back to normal, I decided that I would give at least these four units and overcome my fear four times. Well, after the first time it turned out that it’s not so terrible, just don’t look at it – says Mrs. Maria. The woman has already donated almost 15 liters of blood for eight years.

Marta was persuaded to become a donor by her partner. – A lot of people came from work from him and that probably persuaded him so much that he went a few times. I decided that I would like it too, because it costs nothing and you can always help – explains Mrs. Maria.

07/09/2022 | There is a shortage of donors and the need is growing. Blood donation centers are calling for blood donationsMarzanna Zielinska | TVN facts

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A scarce commodity

Blood is a medicine that saves lives. Unfortunately, it cannot be produced or replaced. The problem is also that there is an increasing shortage of blood, which is why donors are so needed. – We especially appeal to donors who have negative RH groups, i.e. 0 Rh-, A Rh-, BRh-, as well as to the most popular blood group ARh + – explains Dr. Jolanta Raś from the Regional Center for Blood Donation and Hemotherapy in Krakow. There is blood shortage all over the country. Mostly in Gdańsk, Kraków, Radom, Wrocław or Słupsk. – If I have such an opportunity, then why should I not help someone and why should I not save someone’s life, because maybe one day this blood will be needed by me or someone close to me – says Karolina.

Holidays are the most difficult time for blood donation centers, because more blood is usually needed and there are fewer donors. – During the holiday season, this blood is most often used during accidents, when we have injured people, but there are also planned procedures, planned surgeries throughout the year, and this blood is also needed for the whole year – says Kamil Więcko from the Regional Blood Donation and Treatment Center in Białystok . Therefore, during holidays, blood donation centers are also open on weekends, and in many places throughout Poland you can find blood buses, i.e. mobile blood donation points. Wherever we rest – we can give something from ourselves.

Many people want to donate blood for Ukrainian citizens

Many people want to donate blood for Ukrainian citizens24.02 | – We still hope that the situation in Ukraine will not cause the need for a lot of this blood. However, we will be prepared for something like this, and if necessary, our activities will be intensified – declares the coordinator of Częstochowa blood donors. Thursday’s action is to support hospitals returning to operation after the pandemic, but the gathered emphasized that they are donating blood for Ukrainian citizens if necessary. TVN24

Who can become a blood donor?

People aged 18 to 65 can become blood donors. They should weigh at least fifty kilograms. It is also important that within six months they have not had surgery, tattoos, pierced ears or other body parts. We should also prepare ourselves just before donating blood. – A prepared donor is a donor who is hydrated, after a light, carbohydrate meal, who is healthy (…), and a donor who is rested and rested – explains Dr. Milena Lipińska from the Regional Center for Blood Donation and Hemotherapy in Krakow. It is also important not to drink alcohol at least 24 hours before donating blood.

A number of benefits

Once we become honorary donors, many privileges await us. – There is this regenerative meal, i.e. those famous chocolates, which we already talk about a lot, there is also a refund for traveling to the blood donation center. As far as I know, it’s also tax deductible. And the dismissal from work, which is really such a nice thing – enumerates Karolina. For donating blood, you are entitled to exactly two days off from work or school. In many cities, meritorious blood donors can also have cheaper or completely free public transport.

There is something else waiting for donors in Krakow. Everyone who donate blood by the end of the holidays will receive a unique coupon as part of the “Donate blood – visit the gastro” campaign. – I am the owner of the premises, so I decided that simply the best solution that can be is to encourage someone by literally giving something from themselves, something from our products – explains Krzysztof Dąbrowa, organizer of the “Donate blood! Visit gastro” campaign. Honorary donors can visit as many as eleven Krakow venues. This is the third edition of this action. Fifteen thousand coupons were issued in the previous ones. – You can imagine a situation where someone donates blood about a week. Then they are entitled to two days off work and I think that this is the perfect time to visit these 11 establishments and try something good in each of them, says Mr. Krzysztof Dąbrowa.

Author:Wojciech Sidorowicz

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