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Blue Origin has made its fifth tourist flight. The youngest US citizen in space

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Blue Origin, owned by the American billionaire and president of Amazon Jeff Bezos, made its fifth tourist flight into space on Saturday. This time, six people were aboard the ship, including 26-year-old Katya, who became the youngest US citizen in space.

The trip organized by Blue Origin takes about 10 minutes from take-off to landing, during which the ship reaches a height of about 106 km, giving passengers a few moments of weightlessness before descending back to Earth and landing by parachuting.

The youngest US citizen in space

This is part of an effort by several companies, including Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, to make commercial space travel a reality, notes Reuters.

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On board was 26-year-old Katya Echazarreta, who became the first woman born in Mexico and at the same time the youngest citizen USAwho was in space (she was born in the city of Guadalajara, and at the age of seven she moved to the USA and became a citizen of that country).

Three of the remaining five passengers are businessmen. For one of them – Evan Dick – it was already the second trip into space; the previous one was made on Blue Origin’s third commercial flight in December 2021.

The ticket price has not been disclosed.

Blue Origin has completed its fifth tourist flight into spaceReuters

Four people on the first space travel

The inaugural Blue Orign mission took place on July 20, 2021. Bezos, his brother and two other passengers participated in the first space journey.

Founded by Bezos in 1994, Amazon is the world’s largest online store. According to the Bloomberg ranking, in 2018-21, Bezos was the richest man in the world. The estimated value of his assets in 2020 was over $ 200 billion. Currently, Elon Musk is at the forefront of the ranking.

Main photo source: Reuters

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