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Bogusław B., the scammer from the Art-B case is wanted. The Court of Appeal in Warsaw decided to arrest him

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Bogusław B., convicted years ago in the famous Art-B scandal, has disappeared. The Warsaw court in two different cases issued two warrants for his arrest. The known scandal is not being tracked by police officers from elite target search teams, his name is not even on the publicly available list of people wanted by the Polish police – according to the findings of tvn24.pl. Instead, officers from the headquarters in Piaseczno near Warsaw are looking for him.

Bogusław B. has not appeared in the Court of Appeal in Warsaw for over a year, where two trials with his participation are taking place.

Therefore, in April last year, the judge issued “an order for the application of pre-trial detention against Bogusław B.” Another judge, in the second case, issued the same decision three weeks ago: on July 1, 2021.


Bogusław B. accused in two cases

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– I have the impression, bordering on certainty, that no one is really looking for Mr. Bogusław B. Nobody cares that he will answer for his actions – tells us one of the injured, who in one of the two pending trials has the status of an auxiliary prosecutor .

Together with 170 other people, our interlocutor lost money in the financial pyramid, which was to be founded in 2005 by Bogusław B.

Investors were tempted by large interest rates for their invested capital. In fact, the “profits” were paid out only at the beginning of the operation and were financed by funds contributed by subsequent persons joining the pyramid.

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority submitted a notification to the prosecutor’s office after two years of operation of the pyramid. The judgment in the first instance was handed down in 2015. The court found Bogusław B. guilty and sentenced him to five years in prison, and obliged him to repair the damage, i.e. to return over 33 million zlotys to the victims of fraud.

– Bogusław B. as an organizer and chief decision maker deserves a more severe penalty – judge Mariusz Iwaszko from the District Court in Warsaw justified his sentence.

The court is looking for Bogusław B.

After the appeal, the Court of Appeal in Warsaw quashed this judgment and the case was returned to the court of first instance. The next sentence was harsher: Bogusław B. was sentenced to six years in prison in 2019.

However, the defendant appealed against this judgment as well, which is why the case was again referred to the Court of Appeal in Warsaw.

– First, Mr. Bogusław B. appeared in court regularly, along with his paid lawyer. Later, the defense attorney was ex officio and Mr. Bogusław B. appeared, but in rags and said that he lived from the carrot trade in the bazaar. In the end, it stopped appearing at all – says the aggrieved party tvn24.pl.

According to the documents held by the tvn24.pl editorial office, the police were also unable to find Bogusław B. to bring him to the next hearing dates.

But in the same court there is another case involving Bogusław B. It is also a criminal case related to another extortion, in which Bogusław B. was allegedly involved. He was charged with money laundering in the amount of 11 million, and a Swiss company was allegedly the victim of fraud.

In December 2019, a judgment was passed before the District Court in Warsaw in this case. Bogusław B. was sentenced, as in the case of the pyramid, to six years in prison.

However, he appealed against the judgment and the case was to be dealt with by the Court of Appeal in Warsaw. In April 2020, the court issued a decision to temporarily arrest the accused.

Bogusław B.Darek Redos / East News

Bogusław B. is not on the list

The tvn24.pl editorial team decided to check who is in charge of searching for Bogusław B. We started with a publicly accessible website of people wanted by the police.

Bogusław B. is not on the “drowned” list of wanted criminals. Moreover: his name is not listed in this wanted database at all.

There are special “targeted search teams” in the provincial police headquarters and in the capital city headquarters. They are staffed by officers specialized in tracking down hiding criminals.

We asked the Warsaw Metropolitan Police if Bogusław B. was wanted by their targeted search team. Because Bogusław B. lived in Warsaw, his companies were also based here.

“The Targeted Search Team does not carry out activities in the above-mentioned scope” – this was the response from the KSP press team.

“Necessary steps” in the case of Bogusław B.

We also asked the Police Headquarters, which also has such a specialized unit, whether it was tracking Bogusław B. We did not receive an answer to such a question. Instead, we were sent a confirmation that “Bogusław B. is wanted on the basis of two orders issued by the Court of Appeal in Warsaw, and his data was entered into the police database of wanted persons”.

At the same time, the spokesman of the chief police officer, inspector Mariusz Ciarka, wrote to us: “It is up to the seeking authority – in this case the court – to change the basis of the search either to ‘lower’ or ‘higher’, as well as to disseminate information about the fact of the search being carried out in the mass media “.

– We are not looking for Bogusław B. Until you asked about it, no one here even knew that he was wanted. I admit that I cannot explain it, because he is a legendary scammer, and what is more, he has at least two citizenships of other countries: Israel and Germany – we heard unofficially in the police headquarters.

Finally, we found a police unit that physically searches for Bogusław B. They are officers from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Piaseczno near Warsaw.

“We are carrying out the necessary steps to detain the person indicated by you. However, until the successful completion of this task, we do not inform about the details of the activities carried out” – wrote the KPP press officer, commissioner Jarosław Sawicki, in response to questions sent to him by the TVN reporter, TVN Bertold Kittel .

Art-B – the loudest scandal of the beginnings of the Third Polish Republic

The case of Art-B, in which Bogusław B. was convicted years ago (this sentence is already obliterated), was the loudest scandal at the beginning of the Third Polish Republic. B. with his partner Andrzej Gąsiorowski had, bypassing the law by using the so-called oscillator, earn 4.2 trillion zlotys at that time (420 million zlotys today).

In 1991, the partners fled Poland and settled in Israel. Bogusław B. was arrested in Switzerland in 1994, extradited to Poland and sentenced in 2000 to nine years in prison. In 2014, the Warsaw district prosecutor’s office investigating the Gąsiorowski case discontinued the thread of the investigation regarding the so-called oscillator.

This investigation was finally completed when the indictment against Gąsiorowski regarding the allegation of appropriation of the property of the Art-B company in 1990-91 was brought to the court. The allegation spoke of nearly PLN 71.8 million – in terms of the current zloty. At the beginning of July 2015, the District Court in Kalisz discontinued Gąsiorowski’s case due to its statute of limitations. Gąsiorowski – who agreed to give his name at the time – said that he regretted that he had been deprived of the court to declare his innocence.

Author:Robert Zieliński, cooperation Bertold Kittel

tvn24.pl, “Supervisor” TVN

Main photo source: DAREK REDOS / East News

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