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Boleslaw. A sinkhole by the ring road, the road will be closed for the next few months. First research results

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There are anomalies near the new ring road of Bolesław (Małopolskie Voivodeship), according to the first results of research published on Wednesday by the authorities. Another sinkhole formed on Tuesday. In February, the first breach appeared, this time the ground collapsed on the opposite side of the route. The road remains closed, investigations are underway.

On Tuesday, a second sinkhole appeared at the Bolesław bypass. Recently opened route was closed in February due to the collapse of the earth.

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As there are no people moving in the area where the sinkhole was created, and there are no buildings there, firefighters did not intervene on the spot. The hole was cordoned off and marked. As Paweł Grzebinoga, director of Zakłady Górniczo-Hutnicze “Bolesław” pointed out in an interview with Radio Kraków, “the sinkhole is outside the road lane.” and “it does not endanger the road”.

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The ring road is closed for the next months

The ring road itself was closed in mid-February – precisely because of the threat of further sinkholes and the need to perform specialized geophysical research. On Wednesday – a day after the appearance of a new sinkhole, shallower than the previous ones, the authorities of ZGH “Bolesław” together with representatives of the local government announced the first results of these studies.

A sinkhole at the Bolesław bypass from FebruaryZGH Boleslaw

“The report found an anomaly near the road,” the statement reads. These anomalies, experts have shown, are related to the “heterogeneity” of the substrate. However, the authors of the analysis point out that further, extended research is needed. It will be up to them to decide whether to make the road available.

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It won’t happen quickly though. “We believe that the results of these studies will be available in about 3 months” – reads the statement.

Due to the liquidation of the mine, sinkholes are formed in the region

The collapsing ground is the result of the former mining activity conducted by the zinc-lead ore mine “Olkusz-Pomorzany”, belonging to ZGH “Bolesław”.

Mining in this mine was completed in 2020, and then the excavation drainage pumps were turned off. In 2022, ZGH “Bolesław” appointed a special team for monitoring potential sinkholes to monitor areas after caving in its former mines, i.e., as explained by the website cz.eu, publishing teaching materials for miners, collapse of roof layers in the post-mining void.

Main photo source: ZGH Boleslaw

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