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Bolesławiec. Policeman shot in the head

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On Wednesday evening in Bolesławiec (Lower Silesia Province), a police officer was shot in the head after being called to an aggressive man who was demolishing an apartment. The officer was transported to hospital. The 20-year-old attacker took his own life, the police reported.

“This evening, police officers from the Bolesławiec County Police Headquarters were called to an aggressive man demolishing an apartment. After the police arrived at the scene, a shot was fired from the locked room where the man was,” the police reported in a statement posted on social media.

As added, “the policeman was wounded in the head”. The officer was transported by LPR helicopter to the hospital.

“While waiting for backup to arrive, the attacker committed suicide. Investigative activities are underway at the scene under the supervision of the prosecutor's office,” the police said.

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Police spokesman: shots fired through closed door

– The police intervened in an apartment where there was a report about a quarrelsome son. The report was received from the mother. As it turned out, a moment after entering the apartment, the man was locked in one of the rooms, and a shot was fired through the closed door at the police officers – Łukasz Dutkowiak, spokesman for the Provincial Police Headquarters in Wrocław, reported in an interview with TVN24.

As he said, the policeman with serious head injuries has already been taken to hospital. He added that the policeman's condition is serious.

As Dutkowiak reported, “the situation was so dynamic that the police called for backup”. – The man was still barricaded in the room where he was staying. A moment later, more shots were fired, the man committed suicide – said the spokesman. – The man was 20 years old – he added.

Services, police and prosecutors are working on site. – Both the woman who was in the apartment and the policeman's wife were provided with psychological help. Our activities are specific in nature, so each time we adapt them to the circumstances. A large group of police officers are working on site to ensure that all activities are carried out properly, including support for people who participated in the incident – said Dutkowiak.

Police: Psychological help was provided to the woman who was in the apartment and to the policeman's wifeTVN24

Hospital director on the condition of the injured policeman

Kamil Barczyk, director of St. Luke's Hospital in Bolesławiec, confirmed that the injured policeman was taken to his facility. He said that the man was treated in the Emergency Department and then transported by the Air Ambulance Service to the University Hospital in Wrocław.

Barczyk reported that the policeman had a gunshot wound to his face, was conscious and had good circulation and breathing. He added that the man was transferred for urgent surgery. “The patient's condition was stable when he left our hospital and that is the most important information for us,” he added.

Barczyk: the patient's condition was stable when he left our hospital

Barczyk: the patient's condition was stable when he left our hospitalTVN24

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