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Bolesławiec. They disturbed the night silence. When the police car arrived, they attacked two policemen

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Two policemen were attacked during an intervention in one of the squares in Bolesławiec (Lower Silesia), where a group of people disturbed the night silence. Fortunately, they were not seriously injured.

Everything happened in the square on Aleja Partyzantów in Bolesławiec. – From what the inhabitants say, in the evenings a dozen or so people gather in this place and behave loudly. This was also the case on Friday evening – said Olga Mildyn on Sunday (June 5) on TVN24.

They attacked the policemen who came to interveneInternet user

They rushed to the police car

After 10 p.m. one of the residents called the police due to disturbing the night silence. A patrol was sent to the scene. A group of people attacked the policemen. Two officers were hospitalized, but were allowed to return home after the examination.

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A manhunt for aggressors was taking place on the spot.

They are waiting for the blood test results

– We know that five people have been detained so far, but the policemen say that they are constantly looking for others who could take part in what was happening here – our reporter noted.

According to the information we obtained from the post-office staff member Monika Kaleta from the press team of the Lower Silesian police, the detainees are in police custody. The police are waiting for the results of blood tests for the presence of intoxicants.

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The incident took place in Bolesławiec, on the square at Aleja Partyzantów

Main photo source: Internet user

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