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Bolivia. Echoes of an attempted coup. Military officers arrested

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The government of Bolivia announced on Thursday, a day after an attempted military coup in that country, about the arrest of 17 military personnelwhom he accuses of participating in the attempted coup in La Paz led by Zuniga.

– They participated in a planned and coordinated, but ended in failure attack on the presidential residence in the capital La Paz, the Bolivian government said.

Bolivia. A failed coup attempt

On Wednesday, there was an attempt to overthrow the administration of President Luis Acre. General Zuniga announced to the crowd an imminent change of government. He announced that President Luis Arce would continue to hold the highest office in the country.

Military units under the command of a general They forced the gate of the Presidential Palace using armored vehicles.

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The president of the country immediately reacted to the situation and came to meet them, shouting at the military to abandon the coup.

Bolivia. General Zuniga arrested

On Wednesday, the former army chief decided to… withdrawal of the army in front of the Presidential Palace and from the president's residence in La Paz.

General Juan Jose Zuniga is a former army chief who was dismissed in June. Then corruption scandals involving his alleged participation were revealed. The commander was accused of espionage and misappropriation of funds that were supposed to go to social purposes.

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