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Bolivia. Floods. Over 180 families were evacuated

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Heavy rainfall caused the Acre River to swell in the Bolivian city of Cobija. There were floods causing extensive damage. Over 180 families were evacuated. People took only the most necessary things, they also saved pets.

In the north of the department of Pando and in the mountainous parts of Peru and Brazil, it rained for three days, causing the flow of water in the rivers to increase by the minute.

Heavy rains caused, among other things, that the water level in the Acre River, flowing through the Bolivian city of Cobija, rose sharply. According to the local authorities, the city experienced the worst flooding in eight years. The mayor’s office said the water level in the Acre River rose by 11.5 meters in a few days.

Flooding in Bolivia ENEX

Flooding in Bolivia

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The element forced over 180 families to leave their homes. People took only the most necessary things, they saved pets. Local media reported that no fatalities were reported. Flood-affected families received help from the city authorities, private companies and the university. The Environment Minister Juan Santos Cruz and the Deputy Minister of Civil Defense Juan Carlos Calvimonte arrived at the scene.

Mayor Ana Lucia Reis admitted that there were difficult times, but “thank God there were no casualties thanks to the preventive work of various institutions and the support of the armed forces.”

The city of Cobija is located north of La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, on the border with Brazil, at an altitude of 280 meters above sea level. The last flash flood was recorded here in February 2015, when the districts of Mapajo, Junín, Villa Montes, Puerto Alto, Cataratas, Frontera were flooded.

Drought elsewhere

At the same time, people around Cochabamba in central Bolivia are struggling with a drought that has caused significant damage to farmland. “I hope nature will give us peace again,” said a farmer from the village of Valle Alto.

Main photo source: ENEX

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