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Bolivia. He survived 31 days in the jungle eating insects and drinking water from his shoes. “You have no idea what I had to go through”

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Bolivian Jhonatan Acosta has been found after 31 days in the Amazon jungle. A man got lost in the woods while hunting, without the proper equipment and supplies. To survive, he was forced to forage for food on his own, and his meals consisted of earthworms and insects.

On January 23, Jhonatan Acosta, a Bolivian cocoa farmer, went hunting with friends in the Amazon jungle near Baures. During the expedition, however, he became separated from his friends and was left alone in the face of a dangerous nature, with no supplies, no flashlight, and only one bullet in the magazine of his shotgun.

Insects and water from shoes

Many dangers awaited the man – from the inhabitants of the jungle to difficulties in finding food and water. Acosta was forced to collect rainwater to drink in his own shoes and eat what he found: sometimes sweet papaya-like fruit, sometimes less pleasant things.

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– I ate earthworms, insects. You have no idea what I had to go through to get through all these days,” he told local broadcaster Unitel TV.

Acosta said that in the Amazon jungle he often came face to face with wild animals, including the jaguar. He used the last shotgun round to scare away a herd of peccaries, wild boar-like animals. The fight for survival was hampered by the fact that on the fourth day after his disappearance, the man sprained his ankle, which caused him to have serious mobility problems.

Jhonatan Acosta survived a month in the Amazon jungleReuters/Guillermo Oni/Noti Baures

Rescue after 31 days

Fate smiled on Acosta on Saturday, February 25, when he heard a rescue team passing by and rushed towards it, screaming. After being rescued, he was taken to the hospital where he received medical attention.

– It’s unbelievable. I couldn’t believe people were still looking for me after so long,” said Acosta.

According to local media, Acosta lost about 17 kilograms during his jungle trek, but was otherwise in remarkably good physical condition, with nothing ailment other than a sprained leg and dehydration.

Jhonatan Acosta survived a month in the Amazon jungleReuters/Guillermo Oni/Noti Baures

Main photo source: Reuters/Guillermo Oni/Noti Baures

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