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Bolivia. Tanks on the streets of La Paz. Reports of a coup

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The Bolivian army was about to break into the president's residence in La Paz. The Reuters agency, citing a witness to the event, reported that A tank drove into the door of the residence.

The head of the presidential administration, Maria Nela Prada, stated that soldiers and heavy equipment occupy the central square of the city – Maurillo Square.

– We need the Bolivian people organized and mobilized against the coup – President Luis Arce said to his compatriots in his speech. The Bolivian Supreme Court expressed its outrage over the “attack on the democratic stability” of the country.

International opinion reacted to the events in Bolivia. Honduran President Xiomara Castro called for condemnation of “this attempted coup.” The president also expressed support Mexico and the government Brazil. The US White House announced that is closely monitoring the situation in the Bolivian capital.

Around midnight Polish time, armored vehicles and soldiers they left the central square of the city – Reuters reported, citing one of the witnesses. Police officers took over control of Plaza Murillo.

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Bolivia. Unrest in the country. The general has mobilized troops

Formerly president of Bolivia demanded that General Zuniga demobilize the army units that had attempted a coup. – I am your captain and I order you to withdraw your soldiers and I will not allow this insubordination – he said, speaking directly to the general.

Commander General Juan José Zuniga, who was present in the square, confirmed that there had been military interference. – We are outraged by this insult. Enough of this, he said, quoted by the AP agency.

– A new cabinet of ministers will definitely be established soon. Our country, our country cannot continue to function like this – he told journalists before entering the palace. He added that one of his goals is the release of imprisoned former president Jeanine Anez.

Bolivia. Reports of a “coup d'état”. The president called for respect for democracy

In a message posted on the X website, Bolivian President Luis Arce called for “respect for democracy.” His post was a reaction to photos published by local media showing soldiers gathering in front of the palace. “We condemn the irregular mobilizations of some units of the Bolivian army. Democracy must be respected“- he wrote then.

His words were commented on by former Bolivian president Evo Morales, who also addressed the X message: condemned the army's move in Maurillo Square.

In Bolivia, protests have intensified in recent months over a sharp decline in the economy. The country's once booming economy is now facing a serious crisis. Just two weeks ago, President Luis Arce sent the army to gas stations to combat the illegal purchase and smuggling of state-subsidized fuel. According to the government, this was one of the reasons for the shortages that sparked protests in the country.

This also happened in the country a loud split at the highest levels of the ruling partywhich only stirred up emotions.

Source: Associated Press, Reuters

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