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Bonds of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. A government spokesman commented

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Government spokesman Piotr Mueller “Rozmowie Piaseckiego” on TVN24 was asked about the bonds of the Prime Minister, which were purchased in 2021 and worth over PLN 4.6 million. “I do not rule out that the prime minister will refer to this,” argued Mueller. He added that he himself would ask Morawiecki about this issue.

The government spokesman was the guest of Konrad Piasecki on Wednesday Piotr Mueller. He was asked, inter alia, about Treasury bonds purchased by Mateusz Morawiecki. As it follows from the prime minister’s asset declarations last year, it bought them for over PLN 4.6 million. His law firm, when asked about these issues by tvn24.pl, does not want to disclose any details.

“I understand that the prime minister has the bonds is not an objection in itself,” Mueller said. – When did he buy the bonds? Certainly last year, because the property declaration is for the last year. I did not ask the prime minister for details what month it was and so on – he added.

>> Bonds for PLN 4.6 million in the prime minister’s property. The law firm does not want to disclose details, Morawiecki remains silent

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Asked whether it would be a good standard to disclose what kind of bonds they were and when exactly they were bought, the government spokesman replied that “it does not rule out that the prime minister will refer to it.”

He admitted that he did not know the details of this purchase himself. – I will ask the prime minister on some occasion – he announced. He argued that “any citizen may purchase” the bonds “if he so wishes”. – Prime Minister Morawiecki, and previously Minister of Finance Morawiecki encouraged to buy bonds since he was the minister of finance, and probably earlier – he said.


Piotr Mueller in “Rozmowa Piaseckiego” on TVN24TVN24

Konrad Piasecki mentioned that bonds are profitable to buy, inter alia, in the upcoming perspective of rising inflation. – Bonds are also worth buying when they have higher interest rates than, for example, bank deposits. We should remember that until recently, unfortunately, bank deposits were not bearing high interest rates, so then it is also profitable to buy bonds – added Mueller.

Will he persuade the prime minister, but disclose the details of the bonds he has purchased? – Today I will talk to the prime minister, asking what is going on – announced the government spokesman. “I know what it is, the bonds are bought,” he added. He judged that “it is no problem to say what kind of bond it is.”

Main photo source: PAP / Wojtek Jargiło

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