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Bonfire. The divers did not come out of the flooded mine. Rescue operation

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On Sunday afternoon, several people dived in the flooded adit of the Maria Concordia mine in Sobótka in Lower Silesia. According to the police, two divers did not reach the surface in the allotted time, three of the divers according to the fire brigade. There is a rescue operation on the spot, which is hindered by “practically zero” visibility in the water.

The service received the information about the event around 2 p.m. – In Sobótka, in the area of ​​the old mine, five people dived in the adit at a depth of several meters: two instructors and three divers with qualifications, taking part in a training course. Three people left within the allotted time. The instructor and the student remained under the water – described Aleksandra Rodecka from the press office of the Wrocław police.


A water and diving group and a high-altitude fire brigade were commissioned to the site. A rescue operation is in progress. The policemen are securing the area.

Firefighters are working at the sceneGrzegorz Kacała

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As we managed to find out, at the request of the police, an extreme diver, Marcel Korkuś, is also going to the site.

The turbidity of the water hinders the rescue operation

TVN24 reporter Tomasz Mildyn talked about this matter with senior captain Tomasz Szwajnos from the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Wrocław. He reported that six experienced divers took part in the dive. – Two people swam in from the cave, the third swam up to them. These three people did not come back to the surface, he said.

Szwajnos noticed that the conditions on the spot were very difficult. “The water is very cloudy, visibility is practically zero,” he said. He added that a robot with a camera was involved in the underwater work, because – as he said – the work of rescue divers is currently impossible. “We have to wait until the water is no longer cloudy,” he explained.

How do the guards assess the chances of saving the divers? – We have no information whether the divers who remained there took over the cylinders that were delivered to them. We do not know if they used this additional equipment – he admitted.

The whole conversation with the senior captain Tomasz Szwajnos about the rescue operation in SobótkaTVN24

Main photo source: Grzegorz Kacała

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