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Border guards. They risk it to have a souvenir from the border with Russia

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Border guards increasingly have to discipline those who break the rules out of curiosity. This is especially visible on the border with the Królewiec Oblast. There are more and more people interested every year. Although not even halfway through the year has passed, 60 tourists have already received fines for entering the border zone.

The tense situation on the Polish-Belarusian and Polish-Russian borders has resulted in more and more tourists from all over Europe coming to the border areas.

This is especially visible on the border with the Królewiec Oblast. As he says border guardsLast year, pathologists intervened in the case of 13 people. This year, there were already 60 curious people who ended up with a mandate.

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– Apart from Poles, we also had cases of citizens entering the border road German and Great Britain. These people most often explain that they saw the state border markings, but they were driven by curiosity to see the border with Russiai.e. the external border of the European Union – says Major Mirosława Aleksandrowicz, spokeswoman for the Warmian-Masurian Border Guard Unit.

The Border Guard appeals for common sense

When publishing recordings of carefree tourists, the Border Guard reminds that the border road is a 15-meter-wide strip deep into our country. Breaking the regulations means that the electronic barrier will be immediately recorded by the cameras and border guards will appear on the spot very quickly. This may result in a fine of PLN 500.

A few days ago, a group of tourists from Germany received fines of this amount. The men wanted to take photos at the border with the Königsberg Oblast. The Border Guard patrol detained the entire group.

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In the case of another German tourist, the fine was even higher. The man not only entered the border road, but also took photos of the neighboring side, which resulted in an additional fine of PLN 300.

Main photo source: WMOSG

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