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Border with Belarus. Buffer zone – draft regulation of the Ministry of Interior and Administration

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The Ministry of Interior and Administration published a draft regulation on the creation of the previously announced buffer zone on the border with Belarus. It talks about “introducing a temporary ban on staying in a specific area in the border zone” near the border with Belarus, which is to be valid for 90 days. It was added that this zone “has been limited to the necessary minimum”.

“The proposed regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration on the introduction of a temporary ban on staying in a specific area in the border zone adjacent to the state border with the Republic of Belarus will introduce a temporary ban on staying in a specific area in the border zone for a period of 90 days from the date of entry into force of the regulation. The regulation will be signed on June 12 this year and will enter into force on Thursday, June 13 this year. – we read.

It was added that “as a result of inter-ministerial arrangements and public consultations, also with local entrepreneurs and local government officials, comments and demands on the project, in particular regarding reducing the area of ​​the border zone covered by a temporary residence ban, were taken into account and this zone was limited to the necessary minimum.”

The zone will cover an area of ​​60 kilometers

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“In the current draft regulation, the zone will cover the length of the border along a section of 60.67 km, located within the territorial range of the Border Guard Posts in Narewka, Białowieża, Dubicze Cerkiewne and Czeremsze” – it was added.

According to the draft regulation, on a section of approximately 44 kilometers, the prohibited area will cover 200 meters from the state border line, while on a section of approximately 16 kilometers, located in the area of ​​nature reserves, the zone will be wider and will amount to approximately two kilometers.

“The proposed area of ​​the prohibited zone will, in principle, not include towns and tourist routes, so that the effects of the introduced restrictions are as little burdensome as possible for residents, tourists and other entities conducting professional activity,” the ministry said.

“The proposed solutions – by limiting the presence of outsiders in the area of ​​official operations – are aimed at ensuring the safety of both outsiders, as well as police officers, Border Guard officers and soldiers, and limiting the activities of smuggling groups facilitating illegal migration,” it was written in conclusion.

The creation of such a zone was previously announced many times by government representatives, among others Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

Main photo source: Artur Reszko/PAP

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