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Border with Belarus, buffer zone. Tomasz Siemoniak, head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration and coordinator of special services, comments

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– We must adapt our tactics at the border to the situation – emphasized Tomasz Siemoniak from the Civic Coalition, Minister of Interior and Administration and coordinator of secret services, in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24. He said that the government is working on solutions to increase the safety of soldiers serving on the border. He also talked about a buffer zone to be created there.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk said on Monday that the government adopted a resolution, the consequence of which is the regulation of the Ministry of Interior and Administration on the creation of a buffer zone at the border with Belarus.

Tomasz Siemoniak from the Civic Coalition, Minister of Interior and Administration and coordinator of secret services, spoke about the situation at the border in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24.

– Today, the Council of Ministers adopted a resolution that supports officers and soldiers and appreciates the attitude of residents, and we finished consultations on the zone today. A meeting was held with non-governmental organizations and I believe that this regulation will be signed on Wednesday and will enter into force on Thursday, he said. He repeated the information previously provided by the Prime Minister that in most cases the zone will be 200 meters deep, and in some cases it will be increased.

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– After consultations, also conducted by the voivode on site in Białystok, we have met the demands and expectations so as to ensure the safety of officers, soldiers and residents, but on the other hand not to paralyze life. This zone is much shorter in terms of length than what was adopted two years ago. Then it was over 400 kilometers, now it is 60. I hope that this zone will bring results very quickly – he said.

Siemoniak was also asked about what actions the government intends to take to ensure greater safety for soldiers serving on the border with Belarus. He said that both his ministry and the Ministry of National Defense are working on legislative proposals in this matter. – Work is currently underway, a team of two ministries has gathered to make one bill out of it – he said. He explained that on the one hand, the idea is to “give all services at the border all possible tools, and on the other hand, to ensure legal solutions so that soldiers and officers feel confident and safe in what they do.”

Siemoniak: We must adapt our tactics at the border to the situation

The head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration also referred to the situation in March, when the Military Police detained three soldiers who fired warning shots during the attack of migrants across the Polish-Belarusian border.

– We have to draw conclusions from such situations. This topic became very public and sparked a huge discussion. You have to analyze everything that happened, all the decisions that were made. Prime Minister Kosiniak-Kamysz today – both at the government meeting and at the National Security Council meeting – provided very extensive information about this matter. And I think that these conclusions are contained in the legislative solutions I mentioned, but also in the activities on the border – he said in “Kropka nad i”.

He added that “since Wednesday we have increased preventive police forces at the border.” – Two and a half companies are forces that act cohesively and can deal with aggressive crowds or aggressive groups of people – Siemoniak continued. – We must adapt our tactics on the border to the situation. On the one hand, it is a practical action, on the other – regulations – he pointed out.

He also said that the Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Ministry of National Defense, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, presented “very honest explanations” on this matter. – They were satisfactory in the sense that we know who made what mistakes, we know what conclusions we draw from them – he added.

Siemoniak: there is no miracle solution at the border

At the same time, Siemoniak said that “there is no miraculous solution on the border that will make everything peaceful and calm.” – We are dealing with hybrid aggression there. We are dealing with immigrants who are controlled by Belarusian and Russian services. No legislative solution or change of tactics is the solution to all problems, but we must do everything to support officers and soldiers, and this (buffer zone – editor's note) is one of the tools – explained the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration.

– We are doing everything to make this border safe, but we are facing a challenge from the services of foreign countries, there is no doubt about it – he emphasized.

Siemoniak on the election results: it is a reason for great satisfaction

Siemoniak also commented on the results of the European Parliament elections. The Civic Coalition won, gaining 37.06 percent of support. Law and Justice came second – 36.16 percent. The podium is closed by Confederation, supported by 12.08 percent of voters.

He said that “victory is always success.” – For the first time in ten years, we won the elections against PiS and this is a reason for great satisfaction (…). Let me remind you that the parliamentary result was lower, so it is a reason for satisfaction for Donald Tusk, the leader of the Civic Coalition, all the candidates and everyone who worked for them. This is also a success on a European scale, because when it comes to the European People's Party, it looks like the largest number of MEPs (within this faction – ed.) will come from Poland, so I think that everyone here who is in favor of Europe Those who wish the European Union well should feel satisfied with our result, he said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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