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Boris Johnson: Gasoline Shortage Is “Much of Demand”

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that better conditions should be created and wages for drivers increased. – We will have additional drivers where necessary – he assured.

Johnson did not rule out that supply problems could drag on into Christmas, but he also expressed confidence that the holidays would be “much better” than last year, when the lockdown continued due to the second wave of the pandemic.

“There will be a period of adjustment, but this is something that I believe must take place,” Johnson said in an interview with the BBC on the occasion of the Conservative Party’s annual conference in Manchester.

Johnson: I can assure you that we will have additional drivers

When asked about supply problems in stores and gas stations, Johnson argued that the lack of truck drivers – affecting freight deliveries – is not just a UK problem, pointing out that the same is happening in the US, China and some European countries. The gasoline shortage was “largely demand driven”, he said. – I understand people’s frustration and I can understand how annoying it is when you drive up to a station and can’t get gas. But I can assure you that we will have additional drivers where necessary – said Johnson.

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Late Friday evening, the British government announced that from Monday morning around 200 soldiers will help deliver fueland that 300 foreign tanker drivers will be able to come temporarily.

Boris JohnsonEPA / NEIL HALL

Johnson: We need to get better wages

Johnson stressed, however, that uncontrolled immigration is not the solution to supply problems, as the ultimate solution should be a transition to a higher-wage and skilled economy.

– What we had for decades was a system where the (sectors like) the road transport industry did not invest in truck stops, improved conditions, did not improve wages, and we relied on very hard-working people to come, mostly from the countries acceding to the European Union to perform this work under such conditions. What we need to do is ensure that people now invest in basic conditions like truck stops and better wages, explained the British Prime Minister.

– When people voted for change in 2016 (in the Brexit referendum – ed.) And when they voted for change again in 2019 (elections won again by conservatives – ed.), They voted to end the broken model of the British economy that it resisted. low wages, low skills and chronically low productivity, and we are moving away from that, he stressed.

Main photo source: EPA / NEIL HALL

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