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Boris Johnson responds to criticism of AUKUS

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the French on Wednesday – using a mixture of French and English – that they should stop insulting themselves over the defense pact announced a week ago between the United Kingdom, the United States and the US and “pull themselves together”.

– What I want to say about it is I just think it’s time some of our dearest friends all over the world prenez un grip -moi un break (a mixture of English and French, in the translation: they have already given up) – said the prime minister Great Britain Boris Johnson when asked about the ongoing dispute over the AUKUS Pact.

– This is basically a great step forward for global security. These are three very like-minded allies who stand shoulder to shoulder and forge a new partnership to share technology, he said.


British Prime Minister Boris JohnsonJOHN MINCHILLO / PAP / EPA

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– It is not closed, it does not try to exclude anyone. It is not a partnership that is hostile to anyone, such as China. It is to intensify the ties and friendship between the three countries in a way that I think will be beneficial for the things we believe in, he argued.

As the BBC station points out, Boris Johnson learned French, attending school in Brusselsand while serving as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, he was known to use French at press conferences.

Denmark does not agree with France’s criticism of AUKUS

Denmark as one of the closest allies of the United States, he disagrees with the criticism France and the EU to the US in connection with an agreement with Australia for the purchase of submarines under the AUKUS pact – Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced in an interview for the daily “Politiken”.

While in New York, the prime minister told a Danish newspaper correspondent that he “sees President Joe Biden as a leader who is very loyal to the transatlantic alliance.” – We should not turn the specific challenges that will always be between the allies into something they should not be. I would very much warn you against that, said Frederiksen.

The American aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt in the Indo-Pacific regionReuters Archive

The Danish prime minister, when asked if he shared the criticism against Washington from Paris and Brussels, replied that “he does not understand it at all”. – This does not mean that in the Danish government we always agree with the United States on everything, but I do not feel any frustration with the new US administration – she added.

According to Frederiksen, “there is no doubt that Biden is moving away from isolation in US foreign policy.” In the opinion of the head of the Danish government, “Washington wants to regain the role of a world power, a role that can only be undertaken by the USA.” “If the United States does not do this, no one else can take their place,” she stressed.

France criticizes the AUKUS pact

France loudly expresses its dissatisfaction with the pact, and especially with its conclusion Australia withdrew from purchasing French submarines powered by conventional fuel, and instead chose those with US-British nuclear propulsion.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian described it as “a stab in the back”and in protest, France recalled its ambassadors from Washington and Canberra.

Main photo source: JOHN MINCHILLO / PAP / EPA

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