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Boris Nadezhdin wants to challenge Putin. “He is the only politician with a peace program and is in favor of peace with Ukraine

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In less than two months, presidential elections will be held in Russia. These will be fictitious elections, a parody of democracy, so that Putin will continue to be the head of state. As a rule, during such elections, there are also other candidates – licensed candidates who are supposed to give this ridiculous process a façade of credibility. This time, however, a man who openly criticizes the Russian attack on Ukraine and is credible in this criticism is also seeking the right to run. Citizens are eager to sign his candidacy.

His election program consists of basically two demands. – I want to change this country. I want peace and normality. For Russia to be a peaceful and free country, says Boris Nadezhdin, former deputy of the Russian Duma. In Russia, such demands mean a political coup. – I am against the war, and this is the only politician who is against it – explains Elena Karelina, a resident of Moscow. Hundreds of people in many cities in Russia stand behind this attempted coup and against the current Kremlin government. Directly – to the camera and under their names – they say: down with Putin.

– I really don’t like Putin. I don’t know Nadezhdin very well, but I simply can’t stand Putin, emphasizes Lyudmila Nazarova, a resident of Moscow. – It’s not an election yet, we just need to sign for this candidate to take part in the elections. I wish our country all the best, adds Yaroslav Bełkov, a resident of Moscow.

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Boris Nadezhdin – a former deputy of the Russian Duma, associated with the liberal-conservative Civic Initiative party and formerly the party of Boris Nemtsov – who was shot in Moscow 9 years ago, would help to fulfill these wishes. 60-year-old Nadezhdin is fighting for what seems almost impossible – removing Putin from power. – People are tired of all this. People want to live normally in a normal country, not what is happening now, explains Nadezhdin.

His candidacy is still in the planning stages, because Nadezhdin needs to collect the appropriate number of signatures of support. His supporters say there will be no problem with this. – I want an alternative, because in my opinion Putin is already spoiled, he is old. I think what he is doing is wrong. In my opinion, he is leading the country in the wrong direction, says a resident of Chelyabinsk. – I hope I can vote for him. I plan to do this because he is the only politician with a peace program and is in favor of peace with Ukraine and the release of political prisoners, explains the resident of Chelyabinsk.

Wives of Russian soldiers came to Putin’s campaign staff. “Who will come back to us?”Przemysław Kaleta/Fakty po Południu TVN24

A big challenge

The politician jumped into the deep end. Nominating a candidate for the most important office in the country is very difficult. It must collect signatures from as many as 40 regions of the Russian Federation. Therefore, Moscow, which is generally less favorable to the incumbent president, will not be enough. However, the candidate is full of hope – when we saw that thousands of ordinary people were transferring amounts of 100 or 1,000 rubles to our account, we realized that we could open election offices.

When we opened the election offices and people started lining up to give us their signatures, we realized that we could get a very high result, says Nadezhdin. Nadezhdin’s associates claim that they have already collected the necessary number of votes and even have a spare – 50,000 more. It is known in advance that their authenticity will be questioned – it will probably be questioned by the Central Electoral Commission. – I have no intention of breaking the law or inciting any unrest. I operate within the law. We are collecting signatures because the Central Electoral Commission gave us permission. So I don’t understand how they can’t register me, I just don’t understand. I am the only candidate who actually collects signatures, the whole world sees it, explains Nadezhdin.

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The same electoral commission has already rejected the candidacy of Ekaterina Duntsova. At the end of November, the former MP and journalist announced that she wanted to run as a youth candidate. However, officials accused her of numerous violations of the law. – I felt like it was a standard answer, but at the same time it had the subtext: “it’s too early for you, you’re not ready and you may never be, there are candidates who are more experienced. Leave it, let them do their thing, you still have a lot to learn learn,” explains Ekaterina Duntsova.

Yekaterina Duntsova offended the authorities by appealing for the release of Alexei Navalny and repeatedly called for an end to the war in Ukraine. It is not yet known what the Kremlin will come up with in Nadezhdin’s case, but it has a rich arsenal of solutions.

The so-called elections will be held on March 15-17. Putin, according to polls dependent on the government, enjoys an alleged popularity of 80 percent. Currently, there are 11 nominated presidential candidates. The Kremlin needs them to provide the appearance of competition, even if the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

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