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Borkowice. He killed his parents. He won’t go to court

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Experts examining the health of 30-year-old Paweł D. said that when he murdered his parents, he was insane. In the opinion, they wrote about the so-called pathological intoxication. The man will not stand trial. The District Prosecutor’s Office in Kluczbork requested that he be placed in a psychiatric hospital.

The tragedy happened on October 31, 2022. Relatives of the D. couple found their bodies in their family home in Borkowice near Kluczbork (Opolskie Voivodeship). The police quickly determined that the perpetrator of the crime was the son of the victims – Paweł D.

Police officers worked late into the nightKluczbork112

Arguments about alcohol

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The man was often drunk and on this background there were quarrels with his parents who tried to limit their son’s access to alcohol. When the father took the key to the moped that his son used to buy alcohol, Paweł D. tried to force his mother to hand over the key. Her husband stood up for her. There was a scuffle. Paweł D. left the house. After a while, he returned armed with a metal pipe, with which he beat his parents to death.

After the crime, Paweł D. went by bike to buy alcohol at a nearby store. After returning home, he got into a fight with his neighbors. He then told them that he had just killed his parents and drove away in his victims’ car. Alarmed by the neighbors, family members found the bodies of Ryszard and Cecylia D. Soon after the chase, Paweł D. was arrested by the police. He was drunk when he was arrested.

Two people were murderedTomasz Mildyn/TVN24 Wrocław


During the investigation, he confessed to committing the crime and described the course of events. Expert psychiatrists appointed by the prosecutor stated that Paweł D. had lost the ability to recognize the meaning of the act and to control his conduct. According to the experts, the source of Paweł D.’s insanity was the mental illness he was diagnosed with and the alcohol consumed that day, which caused the so-called pathological intoxication (a state of psychosis combined with aggression, characterized by sudden and violent motor discharge and complete or partial amnesia).

Due to the insanity of the suspect, the prosecutor’s office filed a motion with the District Court in Opole to discontinue the criminal proceedings and place Paweł D. in a psychiatric facility. Until the court decides, Paweł D. will remain in custody.

Main photo source: Tomasz Mildyn/TVN24 Wroclaw

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