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Borowce. A letter came from France to Jacek Jaworek. The man is wanted for a triple murder. He was going to shoot his brother, his wife and their son

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– She came from France last week. We did not look inside – says the former president of the Volunteer Fire Department of the village of Borowce near Częstochowa. – He was never a firefighter, and it was written “Jacek Jaworek OSP Borowce” – he adds. The addressee of the letter has been wanted for a triple murder for three months. The former firefighter asked the postman to hand over the letter to the policemen who are still standing in front of the Jaworki house. The prosecutor’s office determines what happened with the parcel.

From 10 July, a police car has been standing in front of the house in the village of Borowce in the Dabrowa Zielona commune in the Częstochowa poviat. A tragedy happened in that house that day. Janusz, his wife Justyna and their seventeen-year-old son died from the bullets. Only the second son, a 13-year-old, survived.

According to the investigators’ findings, the family was murdered. Jacek Jaworek, Janusz’s brother, was supposed to shoot. After the tragedy, the man disappeared. The prosecutor presented him with default charges and the court ordered detention on remand. The wanted one is an arrest warrant, a European arrest warrant, a red Interpol note, and the Silesian police chief appointed a reward of PLN 20,000 for information that would help to stop the suspect or find his body.

Jacek Jaworek – Interpol’s red noteInterpol

A letter came to Jacek Jaworek last week. According to the findings of TVN24 journalists, it ended up in the hands of policemen guarding the house in Borowce, but was returned to the post office. When asked about it, Kamil Sowiński, the press officer of the Częstochowa police, referred us to the prosecutor’s office.

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– This parcel was secured at the headquarters of Poczta Polska today. Currently, the prosecutor’s office is determining the fate of this parcel since the end of last week. In particular, we will determine whether the postman tried to hand over the parcel to police officers – Tomasz Ozimek, spokesman for the district prosecutor’s office in Częstochowa told us on Tuesday.


Addressee: Jacek Jaworek OSP Borowce

Marian Błaszczyk, the former president of the Volunteer Fire Department in Borowce, told us about the mysterious parcel when we asked him how they are living today after the tragedy. “I received this package,” he said. – Shipment from Google. Now, not so long ago, she came from France. Probably some kind of urgency. But we didn’t look inside.

As he describes, on the envelope with imprints in French, “Google” was shown as the sender and “Jacek Jaworek OSP Borowce” as the addressee. Last week, the postman came to Błaszczyk with this, because he was bringing him all the parcels addressed to the guard. – He was never a firefighter – says Błaszczyk about Jacek Jaworek. But – as he adds – the father of the wanted was once the president of the Volunteer Fire Department Borowce.

Blaszczyk was surprised. He did not suspect that it was anything dangerous. as he says, he wants to have peace of mind and is not looking for sensation. but it bothered him why the envelope had OSP written on it. – If someone refers to the TSO, he should agree it with us – he says. – The offer was for her [przesyłkę- – red.] return, but if there is a trace, you have to return it to the investigators – he says. – I asked the postman to give it to the policemen who were there [przed domem Jaworka-red.] they stand. Did it go to them? Rather, it is solid [listonosz-red.]. I asked the prosecutor to give her back. Every trace must be checked – the former firefighter repeats.

The police are getting a lot of signals about where Jacek Jaworek was seenTVN 24 Katowice

Prosecutor: the parcel was returned to the post office

Prosecutor Tomasz Ozimek confirms that an attempt was made to deliver a parcel to the address of the volunteer fire brigade in Borowce, which was addressed to the person with the name and surname of the suspect. – Due to the fact that at the time of the attempt to deliver the parcel, no one was in the guard’s office, the postman tried to deliver it to a person who lives nearby. However, this person refused to accept the parcel as it was not addressed to her. And the parcel was returned to the post office – says Ozimek.

– This package was posted in France by one of the global Internet companies. In the course of the investigation, the police carried out an inspection of the shipment with the participation of forensic technicians. At the moment, for the sake of this proceeding, I cannot disclose the information contained in this package. In the course of further investigation, we will verify whether the information contained in this parcel may be of any importance to the investigation that we are conducting, in particular in terms of searching for a suspect in this case – adds the prosecutor.

The prosecutor’s office’s investigation into the crime in BorowceTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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