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Borowce. Jacek Jaworek is suspected of murdering three people. Arrest warrant, European arrest warrant, Interpol red note and information reward

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Jacek Jaworek, suspected of killing his brother, sister-in-law and 17-year-old nephew, is wanted by arrest warrant, European Arrest Warrant and a red Interpol note. There was also a reward for reporting about him. Everything, so far, for nothing. After the crime in Borowce, he disappeared without a trace.

According to Deputy Commissioner Aleksandra Nowara, a spokeswoman for the Silesian police, enormous forces and resources were directed to search for Jacek Jaworek from the village of Borowce in the Częstochowa poviat. Immediately after the crime, over two hundred policemen daily, including horse police officers and guides with dogs, searched the area every day. In addition to Polish tracking dogs, as part of international cooperation, dogs from German Saxony worked in Borowce, tracking using a different technique.

The most modern police equipment was also used, as well as made available through cooperation with the military, fire brigades and border guards, such as drones or thermal imaging cameras, with the help of which at night the vast forest area near the crime scene was searched.

Search for Jacek JaworekSilesian police

The search in the field is over, but the policemen are there

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– These field activities have already ended, although the policemen are still there. In order to increase the sense of security of the residents, more patrols have been directed in this area – says Nowara.

Jaworek is wanted by an arrest warrant, the European Arrest Warrant, a red Interpol note was also issued behind him. On July 16, the provincial police commander in Katowice appointed a reward of PLN 20,000 for information that would help to stop the suspect or find his body.

Jacek Jaworek – Interpol’s red noteInterpol

The bodies of the spouses and their son were shot


On July 10, at night, the policemen were called to a family row in a house in Borowce. At location found the bodies of 44-year-old spouses and their 17-year-old son. The victims were shot. Only the younger, 13-year-old son survived from the family, who managed to hide first and then escape.

House in the village of Borowce where a family of three was murderedPAP / Waldemar Deska

Investigators’ findings indicate that the perpetrator of the crime is the 44-year-old’s brother, Jacek Jaworek, who in recent months lived with his family after leaving prison, where he was serving a prison sentence due to maintenance evasion. It is known that the inheritance matters between the brothers were not settled.

Investigators do not rule out any option – they take into account that the man may have committed suicide, but also hiding in Poland or Germany, where he worked for a long time as a construction worker. Still incoming signals from the public are verified, but so far none has been confirmed.

The wanted poster for Jacek JaworekSilesian police

Interpol’s red note, European Arrest Warrant – what it is

The red note of Interpol – the International Criminal Police Organization – is information for law enforcement agencies around the world about the need to locate and temporarily arrest a wanted person. The announcement of the red note strengthens the domestic search for the purpose of arrest and extradition. It is a way of transmitting information by the Secretariat General of Interpol that a given person is being sought by the judiciary of one of the Member States or by an international court or criminal tribunal for the purpose of arrest and extradition.

On the other hand, the European arrest warrant is a simplified form of extradition existing between the Member States of the European Union, enabling the arrest of a suspected or accused person.

May have firearms and be aggressive

All persons who have any information about the whereabouts of the wanted person are asked to contact the Criminal Police Department of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Katowice, tel. 798 031 306, the Municipal Police Headquarters in Częstochowa, tel. 47 858 1255, or the nearest Police unit, emergency telephone number 112. Police guarantees anonymity, and at the same time reminds that hiding or helping to hide a wanted person is a crime and is punishable by imprisonment of up to 5 years. He also warns that the wanted person may have a firearm and behave aggressively.

At the time of the incident, Jacek Jaworek was wearing a navy blue T-shirt with a bright inscription on the front, navy blue denim pants and a gray sweatshirt. After the incident, the man sought could change. On the right shoulder blade there is a growth of 5-7 centimeters visible through the T-shirt.

Main photo source: Silesian police

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