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Bory Dolnoslaskie. The wolf was scared of the camera trap. “He smelled a human”

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In Bory Dolnośląskie, a camera trap recorded a young wolf exploring the world. The animal noticed the device and at one point jumped away from it sharply. – That’s the right reaction. The wolf smelled the human scent – says Barbara Zawadzka, the author of the recording.

Zawadzka is one of the founders of the “With gray behind the fence” association, which focuses on observing and studying wolves, but also on promoting knowledge about them. They argue that a man and a wolf can live side by side and not get in each other’s way.

One of the ways of observing forest inhabitants is to set cameras with motion sensors, so-called cameras, between trees. camera traps. When the animal passes in front of the lens, the device starts recording the image. This was also the case here.

Vigilant young man

The video shows a wolf exploring the area. Its sense of smell is about a hundred times more sensitive than the human nose and is the main tool for obtaining information. At some point, the individual noticed the camera trap, got scared and jumped away from it.

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The wolf was scared of the camera trapAssociation “With gray behind the fence”

– That’s the right reaction. The wolf smelled the man. Fear, as you can see, is combined with curiosity. A young individual, a kid actually, gets to know the world – says Barbara Zawadzka, who set up the camera in that place.

This particular individual comes from a larger litter of four or five.

Main photo source: Association “With gray behind the fence”

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