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Borys Budka and Tomasz Siemoniak at the journalist’s birthday. Krzysztof Brejza comments

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The Senator of the Civic Coalition Krzysztof Brejza commented in TVN24’s “One for One” on the participation of some politicians, including the Civic Coalition, in the journalist’s event. He stated that “this situation is reprehensible.” When asked what, in his opinion, the MPs failed to meet in this situation, he replied that “this is the question to which Donald Tusk found an answer”.

Members Borys Budka and Tomasz Siemoniak “put themselves at the disposal” of the acting chairman of the Civic Platform from his functions in the party and club, which was announced on Wednesday by PO spokesman Jan Grabiec. The decision was made after the politicians talked to Donald Tusk. The case is related to the participation of politicians at the birthday of one of the journalists. The case came to light after the text of “Fakt”, which published several photos showing politicians from both the ruling party and the opposition, taking part in the event together.


Brejza: this is the question to which Donald Tusk found an answer

Krzysztof Brejza, the senator of the Civic Coalition, spoke about this case in “One for One”.

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He was asked what standards, in his opinion, MPs had not met in this situation. – This is a question to which Donald Tusk found an answer, he made his decision – replied Brejza.

– They should not appear at this event, they should not appear at the party with the participation of PiS politicians, especially during the ongoing session of the Sejm. This situation is reprehensible, the gentlemen also drew conclusions, putting themselves at the disposal of the President, he continued.

The senator also pointed out that “none of the leaders of the opposition groups had activated such a control mechanism as Donald Tusk”, despite the fact that representatives of other clubs were also present at the event.

– A procedure is in progress. The decisions will be made by the national board. Let me remind you that Donald Tusk was the only leader to be active in this matter – added the TVN24 guest.

Borys Budka, Tomasz SiemoniakSTANISLAW KOWALCZUK / EAST NEWS

Main photo source: Stanisław Kowalczuk / East News

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