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Borys Budka and Tomasz Siemoniak put themselves at the disposal of Donald Tusk. Paweł Kowal comments

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Borys Budka and Tomasz Siemoniak “put themselves at the disposal” of the PO leader after attending the journalist’s birthday party. – The essence is, above all, the truth. Politicians who were asked what they were doing in the evening, when the Sejm debates were taking place, should tell the truth – emphasized Paweł Kowal, MP from the Civic Coalition on TVN24.

On Wednesday Borys Budka and Tomasz Siemoniak, deputy heads of the Civic Platform, “put themselves at the disposal” of the PO leader Donald Tusk. This is to be related to their participation in the birthday of a famous journalist. The case came to light after the text of “Fakt”, which published several photos showing politicians from both the ruling party and the opposition, taking part in the event together.

Budka was asked by “Fakt” about the reason for his absence from the Sejm during the speech of the head of the Supreme Audit Office at 9.50 pm. He said: “I had work related to the preparation of the convention. We dealt with it together with MPs Siemoniak and Neumann.” It was then that the journalist’s birthday party took place.

Tomasz Siemoniak and Borys BudkaGWL KRAK JP


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Kowal: politicians should tell the truth about attendance at birthdays

He was asked about this matter on Thursday in “Conversations of Piasecki” Paweł Kowal, member of the Civic Coalition.

– Let’s say what is the essence of Friday. The essence of Friday is, above all, truth. Politicians who were asked what they were doing in the evening, when the Sejm was debating, should tell the truth, he stressed.

He added that the opposition “expects the truth from the government camp today.” – So we should expect it all the more. The Sejm was debating at that time, so such a choice may indeed be outrageous to the public, he said.

He stressed that “it’s better not to go to this party and always tell the truth”. – Borys Budka should refer to it himself and apologize – said the MP.

The smith said that “today we have to win the elections”. – Lots of things that happened in the last six years will end up with criminal charges. Let everyone be careful who they drink wine with. This is general good advice, he added.

Kowal: Tusk has to consolidate the PO and he does it in the textbook

The TVN24 guest also spoke about the situation in the Civic Platform after Donald Tusk took power. – Donald Tusk must consolidate the main opposition party – the Civic Platform. He does it in a textbook and every political scientist will say it – he said.

First – in his opinion – Tusk “must strengthen the Platform, and then strengthen the Civic Coalition, various figures, people and circles.” – In my opinion, the Civic Coalition should be expanded even further. The third issue is cooperation with other opposition circles. But for the opposition to succeed, the PO must first be consolidated, he repeated.

Main photo source: Jakub Porzycki / Agencja Gazeta

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