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Borys Budka and Tomasz Siemoniak put themselves at the disposal of Donald Tusk. Politicians in the Sejm comment

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Borys Budka and Tomasz Siemoniak “put themselves at the disposal” of the leader of the Civic Platform after attending the journalist’s birthday party during a session of the Sejm. This situation was commented on by politicians on Thursday. Grzegorz Schetyna assessed that “it is a good decision”. – Everyone has the right to make a mistake and then apologize for it – said the PO MP. Katarzyna Lubnauer from Nowoczesna pointed to “how quickly the matter was settled”. Tadeusz Cymański from Solidarna Polska argued that his absence at the Sejm session “is not a reason to hang dogs there”. Cymański was among the politicians who appeared in the published photos of the event.

Members Borys Budka and Tomasz Siemoniak “put themselves at the disposal” of the acting chairman of the Civic Platform from his functions in the party and club, which was announced on Wednesday by PO spokesman Jan Grabiec. The decision was made after the politicians talked to Donald Tusk. The case is related to the participation of politicians at the birthday of one of the journalists. The case came to light after the text of “Fakt”, which published several photos showing politicians from both the ruling party and the opposition, taking part in the event together.

Both Budka and Siemoniak are vice-chairmen of the Civic Platform. Budka is also the chairman of the parliamentary club of the Civic Coalition.


Schetyna: you have to apologize warmly and briefly

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The situation was commented on by politicians in the Sejm on Thursday. Deputy Grzegorz Schetyna, former head of the Civic Platform, said that “these are the standards of the Civic Platform, high”. – I believe that this is a good decision, their decision – he commented.

According to him, “the national board will be confident in referring to this matter”. “She already has a story, but it seems to me that with such an honorable gesture she is closed on their side,” he added.

When asked if the punishment was adequate to the blame, Schetyna judged the question “more about the context, which is not the best, to put it mildly”. – But it seems to me that everyone has the right to make a mistake and then apologize for it, and this is how I assess the situation – said the MP from the Civic Platform.

A birthday party attended by politicians was held at a time when NIK head Marian Banaś presented to the Sejm a report on the activities of the Supreme Audit Office in 2020. Budka was asked by “Fakt” about the reason for his absence from the Sejm during the speech of the head of the Supreme Audit Office at 21. 50. He said: “I had work to prepare the convention. We dealt with it together with MPs Siemoniak and Neumann.” Other politicians also explained their absence to “Fakt”.

According to Schetyna, “it is inexplicable if someone is not truthful in a matter that concerns parliamentary activity, which, as we know, is still important”. – It is inexplicable and you have to apologize warmly and briefly – he added.

Schetyna: a bad signal to the public

The politician also admitted that he was invited to the birthday party, but did not appear there.

– Photos showing such a free conversation between people who have a different opinion and compete so hard here in the Sejm and outside it, are a bad signal to public opinion. They show that what makes us different today can be faked, and it is not. The truth is in the parliamentary corridors and debates, not in these photos – said Schetyna.

He also assessed that the story with PO politicians at the journalist’s birthday has its beginning and end. – I am convinced that at the board meeting we will close it and draw conclusions from all those who were there – he added.

When asked if the head of the KO club, currently Budka, could be changed, Schetyna replied that it was Tusk’s decision. – Parliamentarians will put themselves at the disposal, he will decide on this issue – he said.

When asked if he had led the party, he would have done the same as Tusk, he replied: – I would draw conclusions not only from the presence itself, but from what happened in the context of statements in relations with the media, that is, how they described their absence at the debate which took place in the Sejm. This is very serious and requires an answer, he said.

Budka and Siemoniak “put themselves at the disposal” of the PO leader. Schetyna and Lubnauer commentTVN24

Lubnauer: I would like this standard to apply to others as well

Katarzyna Lubnauer, a member of Nowoczesna – the party that co-creates the Civic Coalition – pointed to “how quickly the matter was resolved”. – I wish that this standard would also apply in other clubs and circles – she said.

Cymański about his absence: this is no reason to hang dogs on me

The MP of Solidarnej Polski (PiS club) Tadeusz Cymański also appeared in the published photographs from his birthday. Asked on Thursday by TVN24 where he was when Marian Banaś spoke in the Sejm, he said that “he was at the ceremony where he was invited”.

When asked if they were important or state ceremonies, he judged that “maybe not state ceremonies, but with something of statehood”.

– Because in Poland, when there is a tavern, I would even say a terrible dispute, when the political atmosphere, which probably depresses all citizens, is so distant and so terrible, various meetings where politicians who normally cannot look at each other (…) , they can meet, talk, even shake hands, this is priceless action, argued Cymański. He admitted that the celebration he was talking about was his birthday.

The politician also pointed out that in the Sejm “meetings last several hours”. – Each deputy should be and be interested in the scope of work that includes him. I have a public finance committee, he announced.

– These are enough duties and I cannot imagine – and I am over 20 years (in the Sejm – ed.) – to sit in the Sejm hall from morning to evening. Of course, there are more important things and very important ones, the Supreme Audit Office’s report is certainly one of them – he added.

As Cymański said, his absence “is not a reason to hang dogs on him, or to make a scandal out of it”. – Today we have media, we have everything recorded – said the MP.

Cymański about his absence from the Sejm and participation in the journalist’s birthdayTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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