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Borys Budka announced the opposition’s motion to dismiss Marshal Elżbieta Witek and notify the prosecutor’s office

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The head of the Civic Coalition club Borys Budka announced on Wednesday evening that the opposition would submit a joint motion for the dismissal of Sejm Marshal Elżbieta Witek. He also announced his intention to submit a notification to the prosecutor’s office in the case of Marshal Witek, which he accused of breaking the law in the reassumption of voting on the adjournment of the Sejm session. – It is unacceptable what the marshal did. She has lost any legitimacy to be the Speaker of the Sejm – noted Borys Budka.

On Wednesday afternoon, the deputies, at the request of the opposition, voted to postpone the meeting until September. Immediately after the vote, the Marshal of the Sejm, Elżbieta Witek from Law and Justice, called a meeting of the Seniors’ Convention.

When the deputies returned to the meeting room, Witek announced that she had received a request for reassumption of voting on adjournment of the sitting of the Sejm. She stressed that she had analyzed him. This conclusion, she said, refers to the fact that “no date was given”. “I consulted five lawyers who confirmed that this motion could be voted on at this hearing,” she said.


The lex anti-TVN act passed through the SejmTVN24

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Request for dismissal of Marshal Witek and notification to the prosecutor’s office

– This is not a whim, Madam Marshal, but a clear, legible motion for an adjournment was submitted and 229 members voted in favor. All subsequent actions of the marshal were illegal, therefore tomorrow there will be an appropriate application to the prosecutor’s office – Borys Budka told journalists after Wednesday’s voting.

The Civic Coalition accuses the Marshal of the Sejm of violating Art. 231 of the Criminal Code, which speaks of failure to fulfill obligations or exceeding powers by a public official (however, he may be imprisoned for up to three years). Details of the proposal are to be presented on Thursday morning.

Budka also announced a joint motion, inter alia, by the Civic Coalition, the Left and the Polish People’s Party to dismiss Marshal Witek. – I am absolutely open to such an offer. I have already talked to Krzysztof Gawkowski and President Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz. We will present such a joint motion tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, because here the opposition speaks with one voice. It is unacceptable what the marshal did. She lost any legitimacy to be the Speaker of the Sejm – he stressed.

The opposition has announced a motion to dismiss Marshal Elżbieta WitekWojciech Olkuśnik / PAP

The opposition criticizes Elżbieta Witek’s decision to reassume the vote

The head of the Left-wing club, Krzysztof Gawkowski, also announced that he would submit a motion to recall Elżbieta Witek from the function of the Speaker of the Sejm. – Today you lost your moral and legal right to act as Speaker of this House. We will submit a motion to dismiss you from the function of the Marshal of the Sejm, because it is not acceptable for a person to make decisions on behalf of this chamber, violating the rules of the Sejm – said the politician of the Left after resuming the session of the Sejm.

Szymon Hołownia from the Polska 2050 movement argued that “today is very sad for many reasons”. In his opinion, “you can not have any illusions” that the head of PiS Jarosław Kaczyński “will do everything to bribe subsequent MPs so that after this bill returns from the Senate, it could be passed further and could enter into force” .

The leader of the Polish People’s Party, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, when asked whether he would support the motion for the dismissal of Marshal Elżbieta Witek, replied that “there is no reason to defend anyone from the camp of this authority”.

Main photo source: Wojciech Olkuśnik / PAP

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