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Borys Budka: Orlen spent half a million zlotys on surveillance of Sienkiewicz during the election campaign

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In the middle of the 2023 election campaign, surveillance of Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz was ordered by an American entity. Orlen paid nearly half a million zlotys to prepare a short report on it – said Borys Budka, Minister of State Assets, in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24.

– I have documents with me that show that in an absolutely illegal way, in my opinion, in the middle of the 2023 election campaign, surveillance of Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz was ordered by an American entity. Orlen paid nearly half a million zlotys to prepare a short report on Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz – Budka said in the program.

– Let us recall that Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz is one of the key politicians of the then opposition, and now of the ruling coalition – he emphasized.

– The report is (was – editor) ready on September 15, 2023, exactly one month before the elections – he added. He stated that “in the middle of the election campaign” an American entity “for money from PKN Orlen” surveilled Sienkiewicz.

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Budka said that “the very fact that Obajtek decided to do such things means that the prosecutor's office must and will deal with these matters.”

He added that “these are documents that were provided by the ministry (MAP) to the Polish services.” He informed that “documents are being prepared so that the prosecutor's office can deal with it.”

Reports that “landed on the desks of Kaczyński, Morawiecki, Sasin, Kamiński”

The Minister of State Assets said that the report he mentioned contained “all sorts of nonsense about the activities of Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, his business activities, and the experts he employed.” – This is an extraordinary thing, because in my opinion, at first glance, it may be just a cover to withdraw this money, to have a basis for these two invoices – one for USD 70,000, the other for USD 41,000. In total, nearly half a million zlotys, Budka said.

He also said that it should be considered whether Daniel Obajtek, as president of PKN Orlen, “ordered surveillance of politicians of the ruling party.” – Because imagine that a lot of reports about Obajtek, about Mr. (Adam – ed.) Burak, about Mr. (Michał – ed.) Rog, i.e. Orlen's top management, landed on the desks of Kaczyński, Morawiecki, Sasin, Kamiński – he said.

Budka: Obajtek must return to the bench

Budka said that “these documents also prove that political activities were carried out with the money of a State Treasury company.” – Because during the election campaign, doing this type of activities concerning key opposition politicians is, in my opinion, a violation of the law – said the minister.

– When I hear that Mr. Jarosław Kaczyński speaks only in superlatives about Obajtek, my hair stands on end, because let me remind you (…) that Daniel Obajtek found himself in State Treasury companies, previously in a government agency, only thanks to because the Ziobro prosecutor's office (supervised by Zbigniew Ziobro – ed.) removed him from the defendant's bench and discontinued the proceedings. Daniel Obajtek must return to the bench to end the trial, where he was accused of acting to the detriment of the company he managed and, above all, to answer for what he did at Orlen, Budka said.

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– Let me remind you that he did not go through the so-called centrifuge of the services, i.e. he was a man who did not have access to important information, but he was able to sell Lotos for five billion cheaper than its value – he added.

– It was a private farm, but very cleverly managed, because – as we see, Obajtek – was trying to build his political position. Because he knew perfectly well that he had neither qualifications, nor skills, nor backbone, nor anything that would predispose him to be in such a company. He had one thing: political support. First Beata Szydło, then Jarosław Kaczyński – he said

Budka: Obajtek must return to the benchTVN24

Budka: he did not pass the service's centrifuge, PiS politicians shared documents with him

Budka also said that “even though Obajtek did not have access to the services' information, he did not undergo a centrifuge of the Polish services, and PiS politicians still provided him with some documents.” – Jacek Sasin (he was the Minister of State Assets – ed.) familiarized Daniel Obajtek with information from the services about Daniel Obajtek himself and his closest associates. If today we are talking about who should be held criminally accountable, then – I say with full responsibility – also Obajtek's political supervisors – he emphasized.

– The documents of the Polish services indicate four people who were supposed to have access to these reports on members of the Orlen management board. It was Prime Minister Morawiecki, Deputy Prime Minister Sasin, Deputy Prime Minister Kaczyński and former MP Mariusz Kamiński. These were four people who were informed by the services. And now the question arises whether Daniel Obajtek already had so many hooks on these politicians that they protected him, or whether they simply didn't care what their services were doing, because that's what the services did during the PiS times – he continued .

Shed: this is a very legally complicated operation

Budka also emphasized that under the previous government there were “sales of Polish property” and spoke of an “absolutely unfavorable transaction for the State Treasury.”

When asked if there was a chance to “recover Lotos” and the money from this transaction, the head of MAP replied that “it is a very legally complicated operation.” – I am afraid to declare any binding proceedings here. It will be very difficult. However, the people responsible for this should certainly be held criminally liable, he emphasized.

Will Budka run for the European Parliament?

Budka was also asked whether he would run in the European Parliament elections.

– I am not going anywhere. I have an agreement with Prime Minister Donald Tusk that I should do what I do. I am ready for any task assigned by the boss, but I am not going to the European Parliament. I'm going to vote in the local elections on Sunday, he replied.

Will Budka run for the European Parliament? "I am not going anywhere"

Will Budka run for the European Parliament? “I am not going anywhere”TVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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