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Bosnia and Herzegovina. The media reports the noise. Poland in the background

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Ministers Stasza Koszarac, Srdzian Amidzić and Nenad Nešić voted against the decision to organize in Bosnia and Herzegovina voting for citizens of Poland, Slovenia and Romania in Sunday's elections to the European Parliament.

Koszarac and Amidzić represent the party of the pro-Russian president of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, and Nesić, BiH's security minister, comes from the Serbian People's Democratic Alliance, of which he is the leader.

The reason for making such a decision – as explained by the Bosnian portal – is Poland, Romania and Slovenia voting in favor of the UN resolution adopted in May regarding the events in Srebrenica in 1995. The resolution establishes, among others: July 11 is the International Genocide Remembrance Day, condemns the denial of the events in Srebrenica as historical events and the glorification of its perpetrators. It was opposed by both Serb politicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the authorities of neighboring Serbia.

Bosnia and Herzegovina wants to join the European Union

During Monday's extraordinary session of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina no consensus was reached on the adoption of diplomatic notes from the embassies of Poland, Slovenia and Romania in Sarajevo on organizing the voting of citizens of these countries in Bosnia and Herzegovina. “The ministers have jeopardized diplomatic relations with three countries that – to make matters worse – are members of the European Union,” Klix said.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina submitted application for EU membership in February 2016and in December 2022 it received the status of a candidate country.

Dramatic situation in Bielsko-Biała. Water flooded houses and streets/Polsat News

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