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Both their peers and Warsaw insurgents appeal to young people to participate in the elections

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The Warsaw insurgents who are still alive have less and less time to tell us about what is important to them. The pro-turnout campaign under the slogan “Would you dare?” refers to Polish heroes. The votes of young people can also decide what our country will look like after the elections.

– Young. For you, a pencil in a ballot paper is like a rifle for us in the Uprising – says Stefan Meissner, pseudonym “Krzysztof”, a participant in the Warsaw Uprising. This is his appeal to the young. When the Warsaw Uprising broke out, Mr. Stefan Meissner was already an adult. He was exactly 18 years old. He belonged to the Grunt group. He lost his brother in the uprising. He himself was wounded three times. Today he is 97 years old and lives in Canada. He comes to Warsaw for every celebration to meet friends, and today also to make an appeal. – It is not a choice of one party or another, one program or another. This is a choice of the kind of Poland we want – emphasizes Stefan Meissner.

The pro-turnout campaign under the slogan “Would you dare?” refers to Polish heroes. – Now is the time for us to respect their act of courage by making ours – stresses Aleksandra Wiśniewska, political scientist, humanitarian expert and ambassador of the pro-turnout campaign “Dare you?”.

On the initiative of Aleksandra Wiśniewska and her friends from the Lodz Film School, a film was created, addressed primarily to young people, of whom as many as one and a half million will be able to vote in the elections this autumn for the first time. – We are worried about what will happen in 4 years, if at this point we all just don’t take matters into our own hands, we don’t say “all hands on deck” – adds Aleksandra Wiśniewska.

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Time for youth

– The greatest fear related to the future of young people is inflation and the cost of living, so again we have such a huge threshold for entering adulthood – judges Marta Marczuk, the organization “Twenties”. The latest report “Debiutanci23” shows that as many as 80 percent of new potential voters are frustrated by the political situation in Poland. 59 percent care about nature, climate and air, and 38 percent are concerned about the mental condition of people. – They have this start much more difficult than a generation ago. This is reflected in the results. They are terrified and need politicians to give them a sense of security, explains Marta Marczuk.

Zuzanna Godzińska, born in 2003, for whom this will be the first election, sees the insurgents not only as heroes of the past, but also as signposts for the future. Zuzanna – together with the “East” Initiative – has been organizing protests, meetings and visits to the Sejm for many months. All this to mobilize and make their peers aware that this autumn they can change the fate of the elections. It is enough for them to appear at the urns. – Only 43 percent of people aged 18-21 are going to vote – says Zuzanna Godzińska. He adds that those who do not want to go say that it makes no sense and they have no one to vote for. Today, both generations are trying to change that.

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