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Brands. Civic detention of a drunk driver

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Civic detention of a drunk Mercedes driver. As reported by the reader of Kontakt 24, the man drove from side to side, accelerated and slowed down without cause, and eventually caused a collision with the other car. Although Mr. Mateusz took the driver’s keys, he took the second set from the trunk and drove off. However, it was successfully stopped again. – 58-year-old had 1.6 per mille of alcohol in the exhaled air – police said.

The editorial office of Kontakt 24 was contacted by Mr. Mateusz, who – as he reported – on Tuesday at the border of Warsaw and Marek stopped a drunk driver. – On my way back from work, I noticed a suspiciously behaving Mercedes driver who was driving in Marki in the direction of Warsaw along Piłsudskiego Street. He drove lightly from side to side, slowing down and accelerating for no reason. When we stopped at an intersection, I noticed that this man was falling asleep at the wheel. I thought he was drunk. The light came green and he drove away. I decided to call 112 – said Mr. Mateusz.

He added that less than a kilometer away after informing the services about the incident, the Mercedes driver collided with another car: – I stopped him and took his keys. The man started making a fuss, said he wanted to park the car and asked for the keys. Together we waited for the arrival of the services. Meanwhile, this driver found a second set of keys somewhere in the trunk and said he wanted to pull down onto the sidewalk. I figured he was going to run away, so I didn’t let him, but it was no use: he got in and drove away.


Police: he had 1.6 per mille of alcohol

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Mr. Mateusz, however, did not let go and chased him. – I caught up with this driver on the border of Marek and Warsaw. I also took a second set of keys from him. The police came, gave him a breathalyzer test and it came out, he is drunk – reported the reader. – I am against such behavior on the road and that is why I stopped him. If he hadn’t caused the accident now, it would have happened sooner or later. You have to react, he stressed. A spokesman for the Wołomin headquarters of asp. pcs. Tomasz Sitek confirmed the information about civic detention in Marki. – On Tuesday, at 4:50 p.m., we received information about a passenger Mercedes driver who – according to an account of a witness to the event – was to move from left to right along Piłsudskiego Street in Marki. The driver caused a collision driving the rear of the Lexus. The witness detained the driver, called the police and helped the officers to detain him, having previously taken his car keys twice. It turned out that the 58-year-old driver had 1.6 per mille of alcohol in the exhaled air – said Sitek.

We also informed about civil detention on the S8 route:

The driver was stopped by the policeArtur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

Contact 24, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Mati, Contact 24

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