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Braniewo. Drunk teenager at the wheel, car on fire

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The 17-year-old did not have a driving license, but got behind the wheel. Upon seeing the Border Guard patrol, he first stopped and got rid of the passengers, then drove away and abandoned the car. The uniform – thanks to the thermal imaging camera – found the boy in the bushes. At that time, his car burst into flames. It turned out that the teenager had more than a ounce of alcohol in his body.

According to the Border Guard, officers from the facility in Grzechotki, on November 6, just after 9 p.m., on one of the roads in the Braniewo district – in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship – noticed a Volkswagen passenger who suddenly stopped the vehicle at the sight of a Border Guard patrol. The passengers who dispersed in different directions got out of the car.

This aroused the vigilance of the guards, who got out and wanted to talk to the driver. This one, however, turned and drove away. The patrol followed him and a few hundred meters away found an abandoned car that fell into a ditch and got stuck there. The driver is gone.

The car is on fire, the 17-year-old was drunk

The Border Guard officers, using a thermal imaging camera, found him hidden in the bushes. After the identification, it turned out that not only was he a 17-year-old resident of the area who did not have a driving license, but he could also smell a distinct alcohol odor.

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While activities were being carried out with the teenager, the Volkswagen passenger car suddenly burst into flames. – Firemen were sent to the site. Volkswagen burned to the ground – firefighters from the State Fire Service Headquarters in Braniewo report.


The policemen who checked the teenager’s sobriety were also called to the scene – he had more than a per mille of alcohol in his blood. They will also explain why the car burned down. As the 17-year-old testified, the people who traveled with him were his colleagues.

Main photo source: PSP in Braniewo

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