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Bransk. He beat with his fists and kicked her head, the woman died. He got ten years in prison. The defense attorney filed an appeal

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The defense attorney filed an application to the Supreme Court to cancel the 10-year prison sentence for a 41-year-old man from Brańsk (Podlaskie Voivodship) for severely beating his concubine and failing to help her. After several dozen hours, his father tried to do it, when the woman was no longer showing signs of life. The final verdict was issued at the end of last year.

The case is pending in the Supreme Court for a hearing date. The final judgment was delivered in November last year. The defendant was sentenced to 10 years in prison for beating his concubine to death and failing to help her.

He heard the final verdict. The defense attorney filed an appealTVN24

Prosecutor’s office: beat him with a hard tool

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According to investigators, the incident took place on March 7, 2021. According to the indictment of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Bielsk Podlaski, the 41-year-old severely beat his concubine using a hard tool, causing her, among other things, severe head injuries, which led to death two days later.

During this time, i.e. for several dozen hours, the cohabitant did not call for medical help. Only his father (they lived in the same house) did it, when it turned out that the 41-year-old showed no signs of life and her body was cold.

He claimed that while dancing, he lost his balance and hit his head on the floor

The accused pleaded not guilty. In the investigation and before the district court, he said that the woman left the house for an hour, returned intoxicated, and there was an altercation, then a scuffle. Then he would hit her once or twice in the face with his open hand. Then, however, as he explained, he apologized to his concubine, there was an agreement between them, they drank beer together and even danced. In the dance, he claimed, the concubine lost her balance and hit her head on the wooden panel floor.

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According to his explanation, after the fall, the woman did not lose consciousness, she was bleeding from the mouth and nose, and he helped her get up. Eventually he carried her to bed and left her there. He claimed that he tried to wake her the next day, but to no avail, although he was sure she was alive. In the evening he went to sleep. On March 9, he was supposed to wake her up again, but when he touched her back, it turned out that her body was cold.

The District Court in Białystok sentenced him to 10 years in prison. He rejected the accidental version. He estimated that if help had been provided immediately, perhaps the woman’s life could have been saved.

Experts: injuries caused by punches and kicks

This judgment was appealed by the defense attorney. He wanted an acquittal, possibly an annulment of the sentence and remittance of the case for reconsideration in the first instance.

In November last year, a final judgment was issued. The sentence was upheld. The court referred primarily to the medical opinion, which showed that the injuries were caused by blows (including to the head) inflicted, for example, with a fist, as well as kicks.

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The court emphasized that these injuries were not accidental and resulted from blows inflicted by another person. He found the version of the fall in the dance to be unbelievable, inconsistent and unacceptable. The evidence included recordings from the 41-year-old’s mobile phone. He recorded videos documenting the condition of the woman. He explained in the investigation that he wanted to show her later how drunk she was and to embarrass her.

The court: it was not help, but an attempt to cover the tracks

The court further ruled that the man had failed to assist the concubine and convicted him of that crime as well.

During the trial, the man explained that in order to relieve the concubine’s injuries, he applied ice and ointment to her injuries. However, the court found that this could hardly be considered assistance, but rather an attempt to remove or reduce the traces of the blows, and would fall more

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