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Brańszczyk. He hit his seven-year-old daughter and ran away. He was drunk

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The 38-year-old was riding a scooter. At one point, he drove up to his wife, who was out for a walk with the couple’s seven-year-old daughter. According to police, an argument broke out between the couple, and then the man ran violently and hit the child. He didn’t stop. The police found him behind a neighbor’s barn. The seven-year-old’s father was drunk.

As the police reported on June 6, the incident happened “a few days ago”. It was then that the uniforms received a report from a woman who reported that – on a dirt road in one of the villages in the Brańszczyk commune – a scooter driver hit a child and ran away. Police patrols and a medical rescue team were sent to the site. The child was examined and did not require hospitalization.

Police: he drove up to his wife, they quarreled, and when he was leaving he hit his daughter

The police immediately began searching for the escapee. Preliminary uniform findings showed that the perpetrator of the hit-and-run was probably the father of a seven-year-old girl. According to the mother’s account, when she was out for a walk with her child, her husband on a scooter approached her. There was a quarrel between the spouses. The man suddenly moved on his two-wheeler and hit the bicycle held by the girl, with which she fell over. The 38-year-old escaped – describes com. Damian Wroczyński from the police in Wyszków.

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The man did not hide for long. The police found him behind a neighbor’s barn. The 38-year-old was arrested. – A breathalyzer test showed more than three times the legal limit of alcohol in his body. The officers confiscated his driving license. And he adds that the father of the seven-year-old was charged with driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated. And for this, he faces up to two years in prison, a court disqualification from driving and a financial penalty. – But the matter will not end there. Documentation in this case will go to the family court – says Wroczyński.

Main photo source: TVN24

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