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Brawl on the bus. The 39-year-old got in with a pallet truck

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The 39-year-old boarded a city bus with a pallet truck. When the driver decided that the large and heavy stroller could pose a threat to other passengers, a brawl began. City guards intervened.

It was almost 7 p.m. when city guards received a report about a brawl started by an aggressive passenger of bus line 402 on the Siekierkowski Bridge. Upon arrival, the driver explained to the guards that he would not proceed until a man with a heavy stroller left the bus. As he said, this type of luggage poses a threat to other passengers.

“The man with the stroller was aggressive and did not intend to get out of the bus. He barged into the driver’s cabin – he shouted and insulted the driver. He was also rude and vulgar towards the guards who were trying to convince him. When he started waving his arms and tugging at the officers, direct coercive measures were used against him” – the guards said.

He will answer for insult

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The guards first took the wheelchair out and then took the man out. Because the 39-year-old continued to insult and threaten them, he was put in handcuffs. The police called to the scene took the brawler to the police station, where he was arrested. He will be held accountable for insulting and violating the inviolability of officers on duty.

Main photo source: ZTM (illustrative photo)

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