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Brawn is the worst meat product in the Taste Atlas ranking

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Brawn was ranked first in the ranking of the worst-rated meat products in the world. In the infamous ranking of the Taste Atlas portal, the famous Polish product overtook the Slovak Liptovska saláma and the American Smithfield ham.

The new ranking appeared on December 1 on the website of the online culinary guide Taste Atlas. This portal collects information about products and dishes from various countries and allows users to express their opinions about them. This time, the worst meat products in the world were listed based on the ratings given by Internet users.

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Brawn is the worst meat product

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The first place on the inglorious list was taken by the famous product from Poland – brawn. The Polish product scored only 2.4 stars on a five-point scale, which means that it is the least popular among Internet users.

Brawn is a type of offal product containing heads, trimmings, skins, blood, fat and spices. It is usually prepared using pork, beef or veal. The ingredients are seasoned, cured, put into casings, cooked and shaped to the desired size.

Taste Atlas notes that there are many varieties of brawn, and this product is consumed throughout the country, usually as a cold cut accompanied by bread and other meat products.

The worst meat product in the world has been announced. He is from Poland

The worst meat products – ranking

In second place in the ranking of the worst meat products was the Slovak ham Liptovská saláma, which was rated 2.6 stars. It is a type of salami made from beef, pork and spices.

The podium of the worst meat products is closed by American Smithfield ham with a rating of 2.9 stars. It comes from the town of the same name in Virginia, where it is made from pork. Pigs must be previously fed with products containing peanuts and grains.

This was followed by German sülzwurst, Slovenian tlačenica and French Andouille de Guémené sausage, all rated 2.9 stars. Further places with a rating of 3.1 stars were taken by Hungarian meat jelly disznósajt, German Halberstädter Würstchen sausages and Thüringer Leberwurst sausage. Rounding out the top ten with a rating of 3.2 is a German product – teewurst sausage.

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