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Brazil. 82-year-old rescued after eight days in the jungle

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In central Brazil, 82-year-old Jose Arteiro Ribeiro went for a walk in the jungle and was unable to find his way back. The search operation with the participation of the services was unsuccessful. Finally, eight days after the disappearance, the man was found by his son. The senior was weak but conscious.

Ribeiro disappeared on June 11 while staying with a group of friends at a country estate in Vila Propicio in the Brazilian state of Goias. “My dad and his friends often meet, go to the river and fish,” Andre, the son of a man who was lost in the jungle, told the local newspaper Correio Braziliense.

According to the newspaper, the police were informed of Ribeiro’s disappearance after he failed to return from a walk in the jungle, which he went on alone. Local firefighters launched a search for the 82-year-old, but they were unsuccessful. After four days, the search operation was completed. “It was a moment where even my family was starting to give up. People didn’t want me to go into the forest, they told me to rest a bit. Maybe if I had listened to them that day, I would never have found him. But I told them I wouldn’t rest until I found him,” Andre told the Brazilian daily.

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Brazil. 82-year-old found in the jungle

On June 18, Andre entered the forest again and this time he found his father. According to Correio Braziliense, the man was weak but conscious. The son told the newspaper that when he saw him, his father fell to the ground and started crying. “I was waiting for you, son. I knew you’d find me,” Andre was to hear from his father. The missing man’s son gave the rescuers information about their location. They led the 82-year-old out of the jungle and took him to the hospital. After 24 hours, Ribeiro was discharged home.

The Brazilian daily explains that the man was found about 5 kilometers from the farm where he met his friends on the day he disappeared. He told his daughter, Katia, quoted by the newspaper, that he was lost because he was walking deeper and deeper into the forest, enchanted by the “beauty of nature”, until he finally realized that he could not find his way back. – He said he was in a lot of pain. He had to drink his own urine and eat termites to survive.

Correio Braziliense reports that Ribeiro has 10 children and 15 grandchildren. He lives in Brasília, the capital of the country.

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A few days earlier in the neighboring one Colombia services succeeded find four children who survived the crash of a small plane and wandered around the jungle for four days. The accident took place on May 1, three adults died in it, including their mother. In the following weeks, a large-scale search was launched with the participation of indigenous peoples and the army. Over the next few days, they found items left in the forest by children, including diapers, sports shoes and a towel. The siblings were found about five kilometers from the crash site.

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