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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Brazil. A sandstorm with strong winds passed over Sao Paulo

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In recent days, frequent sandstorms have occurred over the cities of the Sao Paulo region in Brazil. The phenomena were accompanied by strong gusts of wind. All because of the progressive drought.

A huge cloud of sand and dust blocked the sky over the main cities of the Sao Paulo region in Brazil. Although one of the sandstorms lasted less than twenty minutes, it did very much damage to the region. Due to the sand and dust, the sky took on various shades of orange and brown.

Sao Paulo. A sandstorm

– The wind was very strong. Then it got colder and the wind was blowing even harder. The wind broke the trees, ripped off the satellite dish from my mother’s house, tiles fell from my roof. It is a total disaster – reported Marcelo Nadalon, a local journalist.

– The arrival of the first rains in Brazil is always accompanied by a strong wind. Now, especially this year, we are dealing with a progressive drought – the soil is not irrigated and this has caused the wind to lift all the dust. However, we must remember that strong winds and rain damage are very common during this period, said Celso Oliveira, a meteorologist.

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Main photo source: Reuters / TV GLOBO

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