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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Brazil. A small, “very rare” and toothless dinosaur has been discovered

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The remains of a toothless, two-legged dinosaur that walked the earth some 70 million years ago have been discovered in Brazil. According to the researchers, the discovery can be considered ‘very rare’.

The little dinosaur was about a meter long and 80 centimeters tall. It belongs to theropods, a group almost all members of which were considered carnivores. What puzzled scientists about a new species – named Berthasaura leopoldinae – is a toothless beak-shaped mouth.

“It was a real surprise,” said paleontologists in a statement released by the Brazilian National Museum. They published their findings in the journal Nature, calling the discovery “one of the most complete Cretaceous dinosaurs found in Brazil”.

Brazil. A new species of dinosaur

“The toothless portion raises questions about what the animal ate,” said researcher Geovane Alves Souza, one of the authors of the study. “It doesn’t have to mean, however, that it did not eat meat.” Many birds, such as falcons and buzzards, eat meat using their beaks. Most likely it was an omnivore living in an inhospitable environment where he had to eat whatever he could, he added.

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The petrified skeleton was found along a country road in Parana State between 2011 and 2014. The analysis showed that it was a completely new species that lived between 70-80 million years ago.

Main photo source: Maurilio Oliveira

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