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Brazil. Lula accused law enforcement members of complicity in storming government offices

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The Brazilian president accuses security forces of supporting supporters of Jair Bolsonaro during Sunday’s riots and attack on government offices in the country’s capital.

President Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva accused “parts of the security forces” of supporting radical supporters of former head of state and government Jair Bolsonaro during Sunday’s assault on state offices in Brasília, the country’s capital, and even complicity in the attack.

During Thursday’s meeting with journalists, the president stated that some of the officers may have been actively involved in the assault on the buildings of the parliament, the presidential palace and the supreme court. “There was connivance from a lot of people in the armed forces for this onslaught,” Lula said.

The Supreme Court has ordered the arrest of Public Safety Chief Anderson TorresAndre Borges/PAP/EPA

The Brazilian president expressed his conviction that on Sunday afternoon, in his opinion, the Planalto Palace door was not forced because it was opened by someone from the inside.

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Protests by Bolsonaro supporters

While Bolsonaro acknowledged his defeat in the October presidential election on November 3 and called on his supporters to end the massive roadblocks across the country, thousands of his supporters joined protests against Lula’s victory.

Several thousand of them stormed the most important state offices in Brasilia, thus expressing their disapproval of President Lula, who was sworn in on January 1. They claim that the left-wing politician’s narrow margin victory is the result of alleged election fraud.

So far, the police have arrested over 1,400 people. Bolsonaro’s radical supporters. Most of them were arrested for setting up camp near the presidential palace. Only more than 200 people have so far been charged with involvement in Sunday’s assault on government offices.

Main photo source: Andre Borges/PAP/EPA

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