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Brazil. Sandstorms in the state of Sauo Paulo [NAGRANIA]

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Another huge sandstorm has occurred in Brazil. These phenomena have been haunting the state of Sao Paulo for at least several weeks. Experts explain this with the progressive drought.

The sandstorm hit varying degrees across the entire Brazilian state of Sao Paulo on Thursday, local media reported. Residents recorded the phenomenon on recordings in the cities of Ribeirao Preto, Barretos, Batatais, Pirassununga, Sao Joaquim da Barra and Pitangueiras, among others.

A strong wind lifted large amounts of dust and sand into the air. Clouds in shades of brown formed. According to the media, the sandstorm was caused by drought, and fires also contributed to the phenomenon.

Sandstorms in Sao Paulo

Similar situations have been observed in the state of Sao Paulo for at least several weeks. In early October, the city of Catanduva was hit by a sandstorm, because of the sand and dust, the sky took on various shades of orange and brown.

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– The arrival of the first rains in Brazil is always accompanied by a strong wind. Now, especially this year, we are dealing with a progressive drought – the soil is not irrigated and this has caused the wind to lift all the dust. However, we must remember that strong winds and rain damage are very common in this period, said meteorologist Celso Oliveira.

A sandstorm in Sauo Paulo in early OctoberREUTERS / TV Globo

The video below shows a sandstorm from the city of Barretos, which appeared in the state at the end of September.

A sandstorm in Sauo Paulo in late SeptemberReuters / @ mauricio_heavy

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Main photo source: Reuters / NATHALIA CARVALHO

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